Amid heightened speculation that a male athlete in one of North
America’s four major professional leagues will soon publicly declare his
the National Hockey League and its players announced
Thursday what appears to be the most comprehensive measure by a major
men’s league in support of gay rights. 

(In the U.S., no male athlete in any of the four major pro sports has come out during his playing career.)

The N.H.L. said it had formed a
partnership with the You Can Play Project, an advocacy group pledged to
fight homophobia in sports, and planned training and counseling on gay
issues for its teams and players. 
The league will also be involved in
the production and broadcast of public service announcements. “Our motto
is Hockey Is for Everyone, and our partnership with You Can Play
certifies that position in a clear and unequivocal way,” N.H.L.
Commissioner Gary Bettman said in the statement. “We are delighted to
reaffirm through this joint venture with the N.H.L. Players’ Association
that the official policy of the N.H.L. is one of inclusion on the ice,
in our locker rooms and in the stands.”
Every day, more and more and more people are joining in our fight for equal rights! It is an amazing time we are witnessing. The tide, has turned!! Forever!!
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