GREGG HOMME – Behind the Scenes of the Sexiest Underwear and Swimwear Brand

Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of audacious and groundbreaking
men’s underwear, swimwear and clubwear. Through years of innovations
and daring creations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for
fabulous quality, exceptional design, and astonishing fit.

With the desire to fascinate people by creating something unseen, new, comfortable
and yet aesthetically wonderful, GREGG HOMME celebrates the man who is
comfortable with himself, his style and his life.

Each year, boundaries are pushed, and the bar is raised!

And SEXY  just  got  SEXIER! 

Some amazingly hot styles this year will be hitting the shelves in just a few weeks!

MUST SEE VIDEO – BEHIND THE SCENES! You can even save it for your iPhone!