Adam Lambert fills Freddie Mercury’s Shows on QUEEN tour

Adam Lambert has been chosen to front  for QUEEN for their summer tour.

former American Idol contestant revealed that he will sing the songs
made famous by Freddie Mercury when the group begin the tour later this

He wowed fans by singing with original members Brian May and Roger Taylor at MTV’s EMAs in Belfast last November.

Adam told me he can’t wait to sing with guitarist Brian, 64,
and drummer Roger, 62.

The flamboyant 30-year-old revealed: “The intention is to
pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f*****g great songs.
It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that
Freddie would have been proud of.”

“Being asked to front Queen is the best thing that can possibly happen.”

Freddie died in 1991 but Queen reformed for an album and
tour with Free singer Paul Rodgers, 62, in 2005.

As well as his Queen duties, Adam releases stunning
discotastic second album Trespassing on March  19. He grinned: “I learned so much from doing my first album.

“Trespassing is much more of an album, not just a collection
of would-be singles like my first record.”

October 8th 1988, was the last time Freddie Mercury performed on stage. At
the time, he was terribly ill with AIDS, although he didn’t want
people to know about it. He announced that fact the day before
he died.
Being ill he continued to compose and record songs and
even took part in making videos. In my opinion,
I’m Going
Slightly Mad video is his masterpiece.

On November 24th, 1991 Freddie died peacefully at his home in London of
AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia.