Robert Kingett – On Fifty Shades of Grey


For those who don’t know me, and that would be a lot of you, I’m a
bibliophile. My vast array of bookshelves is stacked with dozens of
audio books, causing the shelf to topple over like a lopsided tower. I
love books, and I love the character developments, the plots, and
thriving stories hat books can hold between the spines. I’ve read some
amazing books, and then again I’ve read some books that I’ve never want
to speak of again because it leaves a bad ringing in my ears.

never usually get into erotica books, but with the eloquent urging of
all my hip unliterary friends I decided that I’d read fifty Shades of
Grey by E.L. James. I want to see just why this book is so very popular.
I get recommendations from people all the time on Goodreads, so why is
this book so popular? Is it the dashing romance, the zesty sex scenes,
or the riveting character depth? I don’t know.

Usually when I look
at a book, I look at the synopsis of the book to try and gage what I’ll
be in store for. I wonder what the back of this book says.

literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young
entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful,
brilliant, and intimidating.

Is it just me but after
twilight by Stephenie Meyer came out all the men seem to have the same
abusive controlling elements as Edward? I don’t know. This does sound
interesting though. Nothing about gay black men or even straight black
men for that matter. I’m sad now… I need Morgan freeman to hold me and
give me God powers. I need to have Denzel Washington wrap me up in a
nice bear hug and have his sexy new Yorkers voice put me to sleep with
him reading my Miranda rights…

“You have a right to have sex wit
me. Anyting you say will get me hard and then I’ll have to arrest you
with my passion… anyway… Let’s keep reading!