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Transgender Artists and Contemporary Art

zackary and rhys transgender

Photography, video, sculpture, classical music and the spoken word, transgender artists are sharing their stories and experiences, their trauma and hope, their pasts and futures — on their own terms.


HUFF POST  featured 10 artists who are shaping contemporary artforms in their own unique ways…..SEE THEM  HERE.


ANZ Bank in Australia Goes GAY in Support of their LGBT Mardis Gras

gay tm anz banks

Ten cash machines have been radically overhauled to coincide with Sydney’s annual LGBT Pride parade and festival.  See  them all  on Buzzfeed!



Pride Dolls! Rainbow Nesting Dolls Shine Light on Russia

Russia’s gay propaganda law is a dangerous proposition. It’s a dehumanizing violation of our basic human rights, and as the host country to the 2014 Olympics, it’s also a direct violation of the Olympic charter.
Proceeds from every set of Pride Dolls™ will help end discrimination in sport and raise awareness for equality in Russia and all over the world. 
Each set includes 7 dolls that represent all your favourite flavours. They’re hand carved, naturally dried, hand painted, then finished with several layers of non-toxic water based lacquer to ensure their pride stays vibrant for years to come.  7″  tall. 
Pride Dolls™ were conceived by Brahm Finkelstein, a straight ally from Toronto, Canada, who was looking for a way to raise awareness for the injustice taking place in Russia. Wanting a clean and minimalist design, he commissioned out artist Danilo Santino to illustrate faces you see before you. The dolls are hand painted to emphasize the uniqueness and individuality we all share.
Pride Dolls™ were created as an act of solidarity to protest the treatment of the gay community in Russia, and to use the 2014 Olympics as a launchpad for equality in organized sport.
Proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association – a non-profit organization dedicated to equality in sport.
Together we can end discrimination in sport and stand up for equality in Russia and all over the world.

World AIDS Day and Margo Manhattan

  December 1st marks the
25th observance of World AIDS Day.
This year’s theme is fittingly “Shared Responsibility:
Strengthening results for an AIDS-free generation.”  More than 1.1 million people are
infected with HIV in the United States and 20% more may be infected without
knowing it. An
interactive map
details reported diagnoses across
the country according to race, economics, gender and age.  STD testing, prevention and education is
key in the fight against this epidemic.  

In the 90’s Margo Manhattan created the universally recognized red
ribbon lapel pin for AIDS awareness. This furthered Margo’s reputation
as a visionary, socially aware and iconic jewelry designer. Margo’s
sleek, versatile designs are elegant with an edge, captivating and sexy.
Her passion for inventiveness and signature “of the moment we live in”
comes through eloquently in every aspect of her jewelry. Visit
the new Margo Manhattan boutique on 88th and Madison and explore her
collections or commission a special piece for you or your loved ones.
Find her on Facebook (her website was acting up this week).

Dom Perignon and Artist Jeff Koons Partnership

The latest artist and  alcoholic beverage collaboration comes in the form of Jeff Koons‘s new bottle for Dom Perignon. To mark the occasion, Koons created a limited edition 2-foot sculpture based on his pre-existing 8-foot Balloon Venus
sculpture . 
 Those interested can pick up the sculpture for a
cool £15,500 GBP (approximately $24,943 USD) on a made-to-order basis.
Furthermore, Jeff Koons has designed limited edition Dom Perignon boxes,
pictured above, to celebrate his collaboration with the champagne
“I know that my mother will want one,” Koons said, smiling. “But I hope a
lot of collectors, people who are already involved with my work, will
give these as gifts to their friends.” A bargain when you consider the
recent news that Koons’s Balloon Dog is estimated to sell at auction this November for $35 to $55 million.
Santa, can you hear me??????

HIV EQUAL – What is Your Status?

HIV Equal is a national multimedia campaign that aims to end HIV stigma
and promote HIV testing by creating a social art movement.
The concept of HIV Equal was created by Jack Mackenroth, a long time HIV
activist and Project Runway alumnus, and celebrity photographer, Thomas

The campaign photos include people from all walks of life who support the concept that regardless of one’s HIV status, we are all equally valuable. To help promote HIV testing, every person who takes part in the campaign will also be tested for HIV

As the campaign grows, this will help take the fear out of HIV testing. And as young people see their role models in the photos, they will want to become a part of the HIV Equal movement, as well. 

Heading up the testing portion of the campaign is Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gary Blick, who understands the urgency of outreach especially to the younger generations.

Follow them on Facebook   WATCH  THE  VIDEO

Bling Bow Ties for that Dash of Sparkle!

Sacha Chen uses his creativity, inspiration and artistic abilities to make people happy with unique and eye catching bow ties.
His Bling Bow Tie line is seen from fashion all around the world for men, women and even dogs!  Sacha noticed that the changes throughout the years have been different colors, reversible style, color blocking and prints/patterns – the only thing missing is BLING!!
   Gorgeous ties perfect for any event .  Stop by and  see his site an order a tie for that fabulous holiday party coming up!   Find him on Facebook  too!

Jess Godwin Sings About Bullying

is being released at the start of summer break, because it is time away from
school when kids who are bullied can catch their breath. 

 During this rebuilding period, parents can
help by working with their child to find something to do that will enhance
their self-confidence while they are away from school.  Upon seeing this video, the hope is that parents
and their children will be inspired to explore healthier avenues of


If you are in anyway inspired
by Greater>Than, I would be
incredibly grateful if you would take the time to share it with anyone you feel
might benefit from the message.  We are
trying to reach as many students, parents, and teachers as possible.


Thank you,

Jess Godwin


The music video was inspired by a young
woman who struggled in school until she started taking guitar lessons:  
Paula’s Story:


Fortune Teller by Leo Herrera tells 50 years of Faggotry in 5 minutes

Just in time for Pride!

The Fortune Teller is a film by gay artist/activist Leo Herrera,
chronicling milestones and icons of the modern gay man. The story is
told through the trance of The Fortune Teller (played by Stanley Frank)
and created using archival and modern footage. The film is a documentary
and time capsule, paying homage to psychedelic films of the 1960′s and
the modern art of the YouTube Montage film. From Mapplethorpe to
Lohanthony, Uganda to Burning Man, Vogue to Sissy Bounce, AIDS to The
Berlin Patient, meticulously edited clips create a kaleidoscopic
five-minute journey through more than 50 years of gay history. See the
“The Fortune Teller” decoded for a visual legend to the clips.

 “The Fortune Teller” is comprised of 50 years of imagery
and footage. The 5-minute clip took six months to film and assemble, and
is made up of 100 carefully selected clips. The style is a take on Lana
Del Rey’s “Video Games” video, or The Scissor Sister’s “Let’s Have a
KiKi”. It also pays homage to some of our modern day gay “preachers,”
such as Chris Crocker or Lohanthony, or Kid Fury, who, as we always
have, developed ways to use technology to reach one another.

Find out more at HomoChic



Cowpokes – Naked Cowboys? Those Sheets are SO GAY!

Gunsmoke meets Tom of Finland!

If your mother comes to visit, these may not be sheets for her…

Vice Merchants, a rebelliously luxe bedding company, has released “Cowpokes,” a full line of sheets, pillowcases and throws aimed at gay men. Made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, 400 thread count, fine Sateen bedding fabric, “Cowpokes” features a ranch scene of playfully undressed men engaging in acts of whimsical outdoor fun and farm work, while frolicking in the buff! Illustrated by K. Commodore, cows, horses and tractors further set the scene as hot men work hard and play hard in the foreground.

They are very high quality and soft, as me and my man, rolled around in the hay, on them this past weekend!

“We’re enthusiastic to expand our brand to cater to the gay community,” Jake Katz, president of Vice Merchants said. “’Cowpokes’ is a design unlike any other that allows gay men to spice up their bedroom in a subtle, yet enticing and playful manner. With these sheets, every night can feel like a sweaty day with the boys on the ranch.”

Vice Merchants is a company that believes your bedding should be as sexy and as much fun as bedtime activities. The company specializes in fine bedding that brings edgy, richly hued graphics created by illustrators.

They worked with Brooklyn-based artist K. Commodore has an M.A. degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, to create these fun sheets. Her work is known for its insightful and witty look at human sexuality, and has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

When asked, What was the motivation behind the fun farm setting???

Artists Katie Commodoresaid,” We all got together to brainstorm the next pattern and decided to go with a traditional toile. My art has always been about usurping traditional mediums or styles and using them as a vehicle for portraying sexuality. So the idea of taking a traditional toile and using fun homoerotic imagery made perfect sense! Traditional toile, which first became fashionable in the 16th century, has images of pastoral scenes; what’s more pastoral than cowboys and farm hands???

She says that some  other scenarios considered as well, “Oh Yes! Some of which we will make in the future! But there are only so many drawings I can work on at once!”

“Cowpokes” is available in all sheet sizes with prices ranging from $99 for a Twin Long Sheet set to $235 for a King Sheet set. The print is also available in duvet and sham sets, bed skirts, and throw pillows. A complete nine-piece bedding set can be purchased in Full for $399; Queen for $439; King (and California King) for $499.

You  won’t find these at Macy’s but you can order them now, discreetly online. And they will be shipped in a plain brown box. VIce Merchants.



Lady Gaga Makes Hip Replacement Chic with 24 kt Gold Wheelchair by Mordekai

Money is no object!  Lady Gaga commissioned jewelry artists designer Ken Borochov of MORDEKAI to create a bejewelled ‘chariot’ to help her recover from hip surgery.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting that phone call,” Ken Borochov told the New York Post.
“I have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and
was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair
fit only for a queen.”

Borochov’s Chariot is reportedly
plated in 24-carat gold, with a removable leather canopy. Incorporating a
leg-rest and Wisconsin-made spoke rim wheels, the seat can also recline
all the way back to allow Gaga to enjoy a nap. 

it was Borochov’s first time designing a wheelchair, he has worked with
Gaga before. Under his Mordekai label, the jeweller designed an ornate
crown last year, as well as the golden claw
she wore for an appearance at Harrods. Cher Lloyd and Nicki Minaj have
also worn Borochov’s pieces, and Kanye West bought one of his crowns.

The singer already seems to be using the vehicle to get around: she let photographer Terry Richardson take a couple of snaps, posing in what looks like a couture bathrobe. (It’s actually a custom gown with a Mathieu Mirano jacket.)


POSTER CONTEST for Gay Six Flags Chicago Event

Calling all Artists! $500 contest for a 2013 Poster!

“Out in the Park” at Six Flags Great America returns in 2013 with a BANG!  

private LGBT event featuring unlimited riding of  ALL  Six Flags Great
America’s amazing rides (X-Flight, Superman, Batman, etc.) , live music
by an internationally sought after DJ who calls Chicago home, Matthew
Harvat, delivering a complete party-celebration dance area everyone can
enjoy! Plus some surprise celebrity guests and niche entertainment
venues! and
(Sponsor) are excited to return with an all new LGBT Celebratory event
and fundraiser at Six Flags Great America. “We are very excited to be
asked to return this year to Six Flags Great America and their
excitement in allowing us this unique opportunity to produce such an
awesome private event for our community at their park,” said Derrick
Sorles, owner of “We are proud to have another
charity this year  benefiting from the event.”
In preparation for the marketing campaign for Chicago’s 2nd Annual “Out In The Park”  2013, is seeking  artists anywhere, interested in creating a prize-worthy poster and postcard design promoting the 2013 Six Flags Great America Celebration.

Posters and 30,000 Postcards will be printed and distributed in
Chicagoland, Wisconsin, parts of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana! 
Plus we’ll have ads and banners on websites everywhere including
Facebook. Your name will be on everything, giving the artist amazing

This was last year’s poster:

  • The competition is open to all interested artists and graphic designers.
  • All submissions must be received before the deadline to be considered in the competition.
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions entered.
  • There is no cost to submit.
  • Entries
    will be accepted from individuals, collaborative teams, or design
    firms, with prize money being split between the entrants listed on the
  • The winner will be given credit for design on artwork to include a name or website reference on all printed material and on, and other websites that run the official press release.
All interested artists are asked to complete and submit their work for review and judging before 5pm, March  1st, 2013.

winning design as chosen by will receive $500 and 2
tickets to the “Out In The Park” at Six Flags Great America 2013
Celebration ($80.00 Value).

There are
also prizes of $39 complementary “Out In The Park” tickets from for their other favorites and Facebook fan favorite
art designs. and the artist(s) will share equal
rights to the uses of the image.

*This was the BACK of last years postcard – we’ll be looking to totally redesign the back, with much less information:


Information the artists need to know:

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, (from 9pm – 1am), the park will be closed to the general public
for this private event. ALL the rides will be open. There will be NO
LINES to ride rides – ride as much as you want. Ticketholders will 
enjoy the music of DJ Matthew Harvat as it is heard live throughout most
the park. Matthew will do what he does best as he creates a signature
dance area experience never seen before at Six Flags Great America. This
amazing event welcomes all LGBT friendly folks from the five
surrounding states coming together to pride-fully celebrate on this
once-a year extremely special Saturday night!

Tickets for
admission to the park are $39 includes FREE PARKING!  A portion of all 
tickets sold will benefit (Charity TBD 2/1/13).

Example below of artwork retooled for ad:
is looking for artwork and a design that immediately grab your
attention visually and look like something REALLY FUN that you feel
compelled to buy a ticket for , grab some friends and get out and have a

Entries must include:

  • OUT IN THE PARK official logo
  • official logo
  • All text necessary to create the sell message
  • Additional sponsor/media partner logos
  • Beyond bright and colorful!
  • Use of park ride(s) and feeling of fun and/or movement
  • The rest is up to you and your vision!

Entries will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Overall impact of eye-catching appeal
  • Visual attractiveness
  • Ability to draw the viewer in
  • Clear and concise messaging
  • Appropriateness of graphics used
  • Off the-chart creativity
  • Must be appropriate for all ages.

Include your name, address, email and phone number on with each submission to
BestGayCities (at) gmail (dot) com.
All submissions will be judged based on content, appeal and marketability. The decisions of the judges will be final.

Guidelines are as follows:
   – Size 11″ X 17″ Entries should be developed at least 300dpi, but can be submitted at a lower resolution.
 – Final winner will submit 300dpi  PDF – and be able to tool poster theme into postcard size and various sized ads.
– Must be original artwork. Do not submit copyrighted work. BE CAREFUL
using stock images for rides that do not exist at Six Flags Great
America. We can not show a full ride image, of a ride that does not
exist. However, you could  cut out portions of a generic ride and
riders, if needed.

PLEASE call or email for more information needed or ANY questions!
Michael or Derrick   773-878-5323

Chicago’s JoJo Baby and Sal-E topic of new Art Book….Getting Into Face

Legendary club kid, doll maker, makeup artist, costumer, and penis-sculpture enthusiast JoJo Baby costars with his clubbing companion, Sal-E, in Bernard Colbert’s lush new  12″ x 12″ coffee-table book Getting into Face: 52 Mondays Featuring Jojo Baby and Sal-e

Bernard’s lifelong passion is to capture high energy, emotionally charged portraits of interesting people.

For 17 years, Bernard has been perfecting his craft, working in the field of commercial and advertising photography.

‘In the vibrant community where I live and work, I find what I have
always been searching for- a sublime energy. Nightlife activity blends
with the arts and diversity of self expression abounds. Here, I can
freely pursue my dream: to document and celebrate that spark within,
which defines the unique nature of our human experience.’

GETTING INTO FACE is a visual feast in the tradition of 1990s club kids. See
performance artists JoJo Baby and Sal-E use their bodies as canvases to
become inspired and whimsical conceptual characters, executed with
expert skill using original, theatrical makeup and costumes. In more
than 100 portraits, photographer Bernard Colbert rigorously captures
these two performance artists in genius moments as psychedelic Hindi
gods, comic book villains, fantastical creatures, astronauts, and much,
much more.

 Colbert’s stunning portraits document these delightful
transformations over a five-year period and are the same body of work
featured in the Clive Barker documentary titled JoJo Baby. Through
Colbert’s collaboration with JoJo and Sal, viewers can experience a
front row seat to an ongoing show which has been entertaining club goers
in Chicago for two decades. This is a portfolio for the visually
adventuress and fans of true creative vision.

Every Monday night, JoJo Baby with friend Sal-E have gone to work as
hosts of Chicago’s largest and longest running house-music dance party,
the Boom Boom Room, which is currently on hiatus from its usual location
at Green Dolphin St., 2220 N. Ashland Ave., while the building
undergoes renovation. It took the duo hours to prepare, and Colbert was
there every week to capture the endlessly entertaining process. He said
he usually only had 10 to 15 minutes to photograph them before they went
on stage.

“Sometimes they would show up and I would look at what they were
wearing and try and quickly comprehend what they were up to, because
sometimes it’s high concept and it’s not obvious right away,” Colbert
said. “It’s interesting right away, but it’s like, ‘What the heck is
going on?’ So I scramble and try and make it happen.”

Colbert, who took courses in commercial photography at Columbia from
1989–1991, said he loves portrait photography and has been drawn to
performers such as models, musicians and athletes—people who are both
interesting and like being photographed.

The combination of unplanned imagination and spontaneity kept Colbert
continually inspired. He said the most successful images captured an
indescribable magic that would often occur.

“It was something that would elevate it from an interesting time to
really high art, and it’s something that fascinates me,” Colbert said.
“It feels elusive, but when you find that you can do it time and time
again, it’s really fun to keep trying to do it.”

Getting into Face: 52 Mondays Featuring Jojo Baby and Sal-e


Taschen Books As Investments

“TASCHEN books are almost designed to be collectible.
It’s very common for a TASCHEN book to gain value almost instantly.”

—Richard David, Abebooks

Since the TASCHEN adventure began in 1980, it has been our goal to make
the greatest books in the world. Whatever the subject and whatever the
retail price—from $10 to $10,000—we strive to produce, design, and
package each of our books beautifully, with a great deal of care and
attention to detail. The collectors who buy a limited edition book early
on will have, in addition to a rare and exceptional book, the added
benefit of seeing their asset appreciate;
our collector’s editions have
been known to have their value multiply, in some cases reaching ten
times their original price. 

Here are a few examples:
I was in South Beach in 2000, at the Delano gift shop, and saw the Helmut Newton book with the stand! It was magnificent. I WANTED IT SO BAD – but I just could not afford it at the time. WHO KNEW it would SOAR in Value!!!
I think I bought my first Taschen book, in the 1980s. It was a Tom of Finland
book.  Of course, it was just a regular edition. Nothing super collectible. But I loved the titles and topics they published. 

Lovers of beautiful books adore Taschen. A publisher of art books, Taschen
was created by Benedikt Taschen in 1980 in Cologne, Germany. It was
originally centered on comics only, when the then-18-year-old Taschen
found himself with an enormous collection of new, rare and collectible
comics, and decided to set up a (25 meters square) shop to display and
sell them. It went so well that by the end of the 1980s, Taschen titles
could be found in multiple languages at prices reasonable enough to make
art more accessible to everyone.

Now, 39 years after its inception, the company’s mission has long
been to publish innovative, beautifully designed art books at prices
that don’t alienate or limit the audience, and they have seven offices
employing over 150 staff. Taschen is well known for its abundant,
gorgeous coffee-table art books, its impressive selection of comics and
graphic novels, and for never shying away from potentially controversial
subject matter, sexuality in particular. While many of their
publications run to design, décor and artist profiles, many taboo or
underground artistic subjects like sexual fetishism and erotica have
been brought more into mainstream notice and availability thanks to

  I am saving my pennies TODAY!

INNdulge Palm Springs

Naked Men in the Desert

Clothing is Forever Optional


Young Avengers Teen Super Heroes

Mainstream comics’ 

introduces a gay couple (kind of)

By Shaun Knittel

Best Gay News Magazine Staff Writer


Marvel Comics has announced a renewed focus on its Avengers
comics. The company is set to release a spin-off about a team of teenage
superheroes called, Young Avengers. 


Queerty reports, “Joining Kid Loki, Miss America and Marvel
Boy are Wiccan and Hulkling, one of mainstream comics’ most prominent (and
cutest) gay couples.


Wiccan and Hulking were actually a part of an earlier Young
Avengers title created by gay screenwriter Allan Heinberg) that was sadly
canceled some time back.”

Writer Kieron Gillen says, they will be the “core romantic
couple of Young Avengers.”

“Wiccan will make a big mistake,” warns Gillen, “that
threatens his relationship with the shape shifting Hulkling.”

“Do they have Grindr in the Marvel Universe?” asks Queerty.

“Fundamentally, ‘Young Avengers’ used to be about being
sixteen,” said Gillen, who also gave a brief summary of how the character
grew up in the original series. “I wanted to do something different.
Instead of being a book about being 16, it’s a book about being 18. It’s about
approaching the world on your own terms.” Gillen stated he plans to
explore the superhero convention from top to bottom. “Most of the books
that have ‘Avengers’ in the title is about the ideal. It’s about super heroism
and living as one of Earth’s Mightiest Mortals. … It’s a book about optimism
and how optimism tends to get crushed.”

Gillen characterized the book as “very natural,”
saying, “There’s nothing that is less cool than desperately grasping to be

He wants to focus on the full range of teenage problems
through a superhero lens. 


World Aids Day with Art

                                            What does AIDS look like?

AIDS Memorial Quilt Now Online

It won an Oscar and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. At 1.3 million square
feet, it would take up almost half the office space in the new One World Trade Center tower in New
York. It received a “Save America’s Treasures” federal grant to preserve it for future

When the AIDS Memorial Quilt was first displayed on the National Mall in October 1987, it
consisted of 1,920 panels. Now, the quilt is too large to display in its entirety. Parts of it are
being shown throughout the capital this week during the International AIDS Conference here.

Each of its 3-by-6-foot panels — about the size of a human grave — tells the story of a person’s
life with the smallest biographical details: favorite pieces of clothing, stuffed animals, poems,
paintings, photographs.

But sewn together, the quilt’s 48,000 panels convey the enormity of an epidemic that has killed
hundreds of thousands of Americans during three decades — and millions more people worldwide.


NOW the ENTIRE quilt can be viewed online see the  thousands of panels! Enlarge and scroll around to view them.


God Loves Gays

A friend of mine wrote this –
for all of the haters.

Didn’t god create light?

Isn’t pure light made when the
colors of the RAINBOW converge?

Isn’t this God’s way of saying he approves?

What’s the problem?


Straights Only Stickers by Artist Castroburger

Towleroad ran this – and I wanted to share it, to help spread the word:

Castroburger is  a street artist and Towleroad reader:

A while back he created  GODS  HATES  FACTS campaign, now he has started a new sticker campaign, Straights Only. 

“It is a play on the Whites Only signs of segregated America. The campaign has spread over the past months to Mexico, Latin America, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, England, and Scotland and we hope this is just the beginning.

After my boyfriend had to go back to the UK this past February (thanks to DOMA), I needed to vent my frustration and came up with Straights Only after reading a story about a Whites Only sign put up at a public pool in Ohio in 2011.

My intent is to shock the viewer before they read the small print and discover this is about the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was set up in 1996 to protect traditional marriage. So far this year DOMA has kept my boyfriend 5500 miles away for 4 months and forced us to spend our 5th anniversary apart. And we’re not alone in this situation (I’m sure you are aware). There are tens of thousands of other same-sex couples facing considerable time apart each year.

We hope to start making an impact not just in the big cities with Straights Only, but in communities like I grew up in, Denton, Texas.

A bigcartel store has been created
for anyone who’d like to get involved.  All proceeds fund my boyfriend’s Visa fees. People can also check out our Facebook page.


First Ever LGBT Art Museum in New York City MoGLA

First & Only Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art Launches


Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City

Receives Museum Accreditation

from State of New York

Even well after the cultural wars of the mid 1980’s, the representation of sexual difference in art has been aggressively policed. And America’s museums, with few notable exceptions, have been silent in the face of what is now the most vocal contemporary civil rights frontier. But there has never been a shortage of gay and lesbian art on display in America’s museums; what has been lacking is the courage to articulate that fact and to illustrate how the artist’s sexuality influenced his/her art.   Now, for the first time, a new museum in New York will finally show what has been hiding in plain sight.  With the recent accreditation by the State of New York as an official Museum, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (MoGLA) has become the first and only museum of gay and lesbian art in the world. 

Charles Leslie and his late partner Fritz Lohman – who organized their first small exhibition of gay art the same year as the Stonewall riots in 1969 – founded the new Museum with their multi-million dollar gift.   It is now run by a Board of Directors, helmed by Prof.  Jonathan David Katz, the co-curator of the recent Hide/Seek – the first major museum exhibit to focus on themes of gender and sexuality in modern American portraiture.  The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art focuses on gender and sexuality, in the still relatively unexplored historical, socio-political and cultural context in which these gay and lesbian artists lived.

“While until recently, queer art exhibitions assumed an audience of mostly queer visitors, a new generation of queer cultural institutions instead seeks to make queer art visible to a mainstream audience. If we learned anything from the record setting attendance of Hide/Seek it was that people of all stripes were hungry for precisely the information the big museums have been censoring for decades now,” said Katz.

The museum has announced an aggressive programming schedule for  the Fall of 2012, featuring the first major American retrospective of transgender photographer Del LaGrace Volcano.  ( Widely exhibited in European museums, the American- born Volcano has been almost completely ignored in this country, and represents, according to Katz, “exactly the rationale for this new museum.”  This fall will also see a major exhibit of legendary American artist Paul Thek’s early work in the context of his gay social circle of the fifties and sixties, and will include many works never exhibited before. While there was an exhibit of Paul Thek’s work at the Whitney Museum in 2010-11, these early works were not shown. “This will be the first exhibition of Thek ever mounted that reveals how powerfully his gayness structured his early work,” said Katz.

(There will be a separate announcement about these shows coming later.).


The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art has a permanent collection of more than 6,000 objects spanning more than three centuries of gay and lesbian art.  The new museum will mount historical, thematic, and survey exhibitions drawn not only from its permanent collection but also from museums and private collections around the world.   Its programs include 6-8 major exhibitions a year, film screenings, plays, poetry readings, artist and curator talks, panel discussions, THE ARCHIVE (a quarterly newsletter focusing on gay and lesbian art and artists), a membership program, a research library and an archive of the permanent collection.  


Though newly accredited as the first dedicated gay and lesbian art museum in the world, the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, founded by Charles W. Leslie and Fritz Lohman, has for more than 20 years, persevered in its mission to exhibit, preserve and foster the works of gay and lesbian art and artists. The new museum will now exhibit and analyze a wider range of art and artists, national and international, while staying true to its mission.  A non-profit, membership organization, the museum is committed to offering all of its exhibitions with no admission charge. 


Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (MoGLA)

26 Wooster Street

(btwn Canal & Grand)

New, York, NY  10013


Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat: Noon-6pm


Huge Be-Dazzled Rhino Marks Gay Village in UKs Birmingham

A huge, rhinestone-encrusted sculpture of a rhinoceros  is planned to mark entry to the city’s gay village.

Partly funded by Birmingham’s LGBT
group and remaining cash from grants awarded for the council’s
initiative to improve the city centre, the horned beast will stand at
the junction of Bromsgrove and Hurst Streets as a mascot for the city’s
gay village. The sculpture’s bling armoury is intended to reflect
Birmingham’s history as a jewellery-producing city.

The full cost of the model, is £15,000 with Birmingham City
Council providing the bulk. Those behind the beast said that a rhino had
been chosen as they are “associated with strength and were originally a
symbol of the gay rights movement in the United States.”

David Viney of Birmingham LGBT told the Birmingham Mail: “This is a
hugely exciting project that represents the culmination of four years’
work between Birmingham LGBT and the city council to create a truly
iconic piece of art.”

Not everyone was quite so enthusiastic about the project, however,
and a spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “Taxpayers will wonder
why Birmingham City Council are blowing money on public art at a time
when it’s pleading poverty in other areas. Art projects like this are
capable of raising money for themselves.”


L’Odyssee de Cartier…Amazing $14 Million 3 Minute Commercial

I am not sure I understand why……
Why would a luxury product spend $14 million on a 3 and half minute commercial – and air it to the 99% of us, who can not afford their product?  They even have a Facebook page with 500,000  LIKES. Really? Facebook users are buying  Cartier?

I don’t get it. But it is BEAUTIFUL and has EVERYONE talking who say it last night.

If you thought their 2011 Holiday commercial was cool  – this one will blow you away.

WATCH   (Behind the Scenes is cool too!)

CARTIER  MAIN   SITE     Complete You Tube Channel with LOTS of videos from Cartier