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Jonny McGovern is Back with More Celebrity Donkey Punch


and the exquisite beauty
of Camille Grammar!

Jonny McGovern hosts the  2nd  CELEBRITY DONKEY PUNCH, a warped look at America’s Finest Journalistic Efforts…CELEBRITY MAGAZINES!

This Episode: Whitney’s Drug Relapse Too Much Teen Mom! Miley, Lindsay and Paris! Madonna & Lourdes! Sordid secrets of the Real Housewives and the exquisite beauty of dancing queen (and slightly cross-eyed…) Camille Grammar!

Featuring Nadya Ginsburg! and aspecial cameo by Brandy Howard!

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PS – In case you missed it, Jonny was interviewed by Frontiers – Web .
He talks about his upcoming album, “I’m about halfway into a new record that I’m really loving. I’ve been focusing on danceable comedy songs. I have a ‘60s doo-wop song called “I Saw Your Cock On Craigslist” and a funky jam called “Blanche Devereaux.” They’re all short and sweet and fun. This will be the most comedic album I’ve had.”     Check it out!

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Steven Daigle and Trent Locke Fight at the Abbey…During Real Houswives of Atlanta

Former Big Brother 10
cast member turned gay adult film actor Steven Daigle, was arrested  Monday October 18, 2010 after a viewing party for his appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (It was a tiny cameo. He was a backup dancer for Kim Zolciak at the White Party when she performed Tardy for the Party. Chi Chi LaRue introduced her. And you see Steven a couple seconds.)

It is reported that Steven and several of his friends had gathered earlier in the evening at the Abbey in West Hollywood, CA to watch his appearance on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta” when boyfriend and fellow gay adult film actor Trent Locke approached Daigle at The Abbey and started to argue with Daigle.  The heated argument quickly ensued into an all out brawl between the two gay adult film actors.

After Steven Paul Daigle and Trent Locke were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, Daigle was placed into custody in the early morning hours and is now being held at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station on $20,000 bail.


Trent Locke spoke out on his blog regarding the incident at the Abbey and while both performers were injured in the fight, Locke still has his heart for Steven Daigle.  Here is what he posted earlier this evening;.

“I just want to say that I love Steven Daigle and am so upset and deeply embarrassed that things happened the way they did. I have so much respect for him, I would never take a swing at him. And I did not. I know he is hurting too, and my heart just goes out to him, especially while in custody. It’s times like this I try to put my faith in some kind of higher power to help both of us through them.”

Locke continues..”My head and my heart are both hurting and I feel lost, confused, and afraid.. While I know all will heal in time, I appreciate all of the support I’ve been receiving. I have the all-clear to get out of bed as of the morning.. So I will be able to continue entertaining my Mom and Dad (they only visit once a year) bright ‘n early.Tomorrow is bound to be a better day. Thanks for hearing me out, everyone.”

Steven’s fans continue to monitor his Twitter page  to get his side of the story.



594 S Mapleton Dr …Spelling Mansion For Sale

Want to live like the Carrington’s!?! 

For  $150 million (that’s about $587,000 a month!) You can own the Spelling Manor!  It is among the most exceptional properties in the U.S. and in a category w/the world’s greatest estates.

Featuring grand-scale luxury and exclusivity the home is apprx. 56,500 sqft of elegant living space on 4.7 acres of exquisitely landscaped FLAT land in Holmby Hills.

14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms. And the famous gift wrapping room!

Seriously…WTF were they thinking?

Widow Candy Spelling is “downsizing” to a 16,000 sq ft condo. The Manor has been on the market 18 months. No takers.


Susan Sarandon Takes SPiN from New York to Los Angeles and Milwaukee


Last year actress Susan Sarandon took  on a new role – that of investor in SPiN ,  a Ping-Pong parlor that  opened its doors in New York.

The Thelma & Louise star, who discovered the game through her son Miles and helped launch the place in NYC ,  is very excited about her passion for ping pong.

 “I started finding out that there was this subculture of Ping-Pong and all these people that you wouldn’t expect are serious about it,” she said. “I just worked with Ed Norton, and he’s so committed that he trained in China while he was shooting a film there.”

SPiN Hollywood  at Mondrian will mark one of SPiN’s first expansions outside of New York, bringing two signature ping pong tables to the ADCB lounge, just steps from the famed Sunset Strip. SPiN hotel guests and visitors will enjoy tournaments, celebrity events and even cocktails and food over a casual game of table tennis.

What’s next for SPiN?  Chicago? – Well, close.  Milwaukee!  Yes, get ready, Milwaukee. Table tennis is coming to the Historic Third Ward this summer.

Spin Milwaukee, 233 E. Chicago St. (across from Rubin’s), will open later this summer and will feature 16,500 square feet of table tennis (12 tables and one center court), bars, a restaurant, pro shop and private event rooms. It’s not your father’s tennis club. This is custom designed, Olympic-caliber pingpong and entertainment.


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Huntley Woods – Actor, Model, Hepatitis Activist

up and coming model/actor talks to us this week about growing up on
the ice and his interest in acting as well as his work with the Hep Team.

“Growing up I couldn’t play conventional sports to save my life! Baseball, soccer, basketball, football, you name it, I failed at it!” Huntley says. “But I was still athletic and overflowing with energy, so I fell into a not so common sport. I put on some ice skates and something clicked. I trained as a figure skater for about ten years. I got teased a lot, but stuck with it. Eventually it came to the point where I had to choose to skate full time as a profession or go off to college. My coaches begged me to stick with it, but I had spent SO MUCH TIME at the rink practicing, I never had a social life. So after high school, I decided to go to the University of Southern California where I pursued theater and film. I had been performing already for so many years, acting seemed like a natural segue.”

Huntley confides he always knew he was gay growing up…”I knew something was different, I just didn’t know exactly what it meant. Then when I understood what being gay was, I had been taught in catholic school that it was not an acceptable life. I didn’t know anyone who was openly gay until I got to college. There I met a lot of gay people and begun to realize it was an OK lifestyle. I could lead an openly gay life and be happy!”

A Recent graduate from USC’s School of Theatre & School of Cinematic Arts, Huntley says, “Acting is my main aspiration, but I’ve really starting to get into modeling recently and am getting very passionate about it. I think a lot of people come out here seeking fame and fortune. They wait tables by day, waiting for a big break without studying up or getting training. I love everything about the film and acting business so I wanted to know all about how it works. In school I got to learn a lot about all the roles behind the camera as well as be in front of the camera. I found that I really enjoy the craft of film making and the enormous collaborative effort that goes into it. I enjoy acting out different roles and becoming different characters. Sure, if fame and fortune come, that would be nice, but I’m not in it to be a movie star, I just hope to be successful and working. In the end I just want to work in the industry I am passionate about.”

So by day, rather than wait tables, Huntley got into learning the business of movie trailers. He is an office coordinator at a Los Angeles based company that creates the trailers and teasers we see in theatres. In his free time he auditions for various television, film, and print work. He recently landed a cover for COMPETE , the gay sports magazine and also a Neutrogena television commercial . He even helps out on OurSceneTV as a writer and host having done a segment about West Hollywood’s BIG RED BUS . “The next step is to get an agent or agency to represent me. I have been going on a lot of auditions I have found myself, but an agent is essential to take it to the next level. I am always looking to network with some great photographers and creative minds to expand my portfolio of work as well.”


Sounds like a busy life! When he’s not at the office, acting, modeling, or playing volleyball on the beautiful beaches of Southern California, he works part time for the Hep Team. Not just another Southern California pretty gay-boy-next-door, Huntley leads a busy life but still finds time to help worthy causes like the Hep Team.

“Hep Team works as an outreach program that goes all over the country to help make sure at-risk adults are protected against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.. They’re in NY as well and also in Chicago. I mainly handle the West Coast events, California -LA, San Diego, Long Beach, also Seattle and have done a bunch in Arizona as well.”

Hep Team has been around for 15 years. But in the last couple years  we’re seeing a lot more of the orange-clad workers and volunteers. The initiative was created by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, and geared toward the MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) population. The goal is to vaccinate people against hepatitis A and B, and it is working. Hep Team is a partnership of GSK, Hep Team staff, state and local county health departments and supportive volunteers. In Arizona alone, over 1,700 individuals were vaccinated in 2009 thanks to the Hep Team Project. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports a nationwide initiative to make hepatitis A/B vaccine available to states to undertake vaccination programs for adults to help reduce the threat.

“I got into this role quite by accident,” revealed Huntley. “A friend of mine at USC was working for the marketing company and he needed some help one weekend, so I volunteered. My role with them just sort of kept growing and expanding and now I am their Event Manager out here. I go to events all over Southern California and help run booths, train new staff and help establish new markets. I love talking to people and I love sharing my new found knowledge on the topic of hepatitis prevention. There’s a fair amount of people who are aware of it. But it brings me joy to find that random stranger I can help educate about the disease and the importance of getting the vaccines.”

If you’re in or around Southern California this summer, keep an eye out for Huntley at:

Los Angeles Gay Pride – June 11-13

San Diego Gay Pride – July 17-18

Sunset Junction – August 21-22

And you can connect with him on Facebook and Model Mayhem .

More info on Hepatitis C can be found  at  HEP  CHALLENGE   and  COMPETE MAGAZINE
World Hepatitis News at Glaxo Smith Kline .

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Former Porn Star and Reality TV Host Michael Verdugo Sues WeHo for his Police Job Back


West Hollywood’s Abbey, Named “Best Gay Bar in the World”

West Hollywood hotspot The Abbey Food & Bar was named “Best Gay Bar in the World” by MTV’s LOGO – the winner of a world wide online voting contest for the first-annual TripOut Gay Travel Awards!

The Abbey won with 41% of the total vote, over nominees from around the world including, Rio, London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Montreal.


According to Abbey President and Founder David Cooley, “We are thrilled to receive this recognition and are so grateful to both our loyal local community and our worldwide visitors.” Cooley added, “It’s especially gratifying to know that we have been part of dramatic societal shift – maintaining our LGBT roots and yet making all our patrons feel like the Abbey is their ‘home away from home.’”


David Cooley is the master at the art of work and play. Over the past 15+ years, his creation, The Abbey Food and Bar, has grown from a small, West Hollywood coffeehouse to one of the most popular hotspots in the country. Locals, tourists and celebrities alike all flock to The Abbey for its famous Martinis as well as its stunning, open-air ambiance and truly relaxed elegance. AOL CityGuide and Zagat Survey also rank The Abbey as THE hot spot in L.A.

YouTube Clip: “EAT, DRINK and BE ABBEY!”

The Abbey Food & Bar, located at: 692 N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, is part of the SBE Collection of Restaurants & Nightlife. For information or reservations, call: 310.289.8410.

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The Collection of Barbra Streisand Auction






Own a little piece of  Babs!

If you like Barbra Streisand, you might wanna attend the Barbra Streisand auction on October 17 and 18.



From paintings to furniture to costumes she’s worn in her famous films, Barbra Streisand is auctioning off items she has accumulated over the years all in the name of fundraising. Items even include costumes the actress has worn onstage, in concert and on television.


All proceeds will go to Streisand’s foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to charity over the past 23 years. This is  Streisands  3rd  major  auction.

Kareen Wynter, CNN entertainment reporter talked to Streisand about her auction and here are some of the star’s thoughts.


Kareen Wynter: Why did you decide to auction off some items?


Barbra Streisand: We really never possess anything — I mean, not forever. We borrow things and then we let them go and be used and shared and enjoyed by the next generation and the next generation. So if you can’t really use something anymore, even though it belonged to you for a long time and you loved it, it’s great to pass it on. And especially if the proceeds go to my foundation, which invests in wonderful causes and organizations that help other people.

Previews now thru the 16th  @  9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA.
Auction to be help October 17 & 18.