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Lady Bunny Spoofs Katy Perrys California Girls

Lady Bunny
is one of the hardest working bitches in drag!  Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, she has lived in New York since the 1980s.

LADY BUNNY is  back with a new spoof song!
She loves to spoof pop songs with nasty lyrics added!  Her newest creation is a take on Katy Perrys California Girls .

Written by and starring Lady Bunny
Directed by Steve Willis. Co-starring Lavinia Co-op, Shealita Babay, Sugga Pie KoKo, Go-go hunk Matthew Camp (who I worship!) and several unknown skanks found in the hills without any ID and unable to speak clearly enough to identify themselves.
This is all meant in demented good fun–I’m from Tennessee myself!”  Lady Bunny.

More laughs at Lady Bunnys  BLOG

Best Gay News
Best Gay New York


Fierce Gay Men Fight and Vogue at The Welfare Office in Chicago


Where am I?
New York City?

No darling, you are in Chicago at the Welfare Office. A brawl broke out downtown and ended with a fierce attempt at Vouging!

Security guards were helpless to stop them.

Shocked onlookers began clearing the way as the two wielded chairs as weapons and used the floor space like a boxing ring as they engaged in a nearly minute-long battle.

But horrified gasps turned into bursts of laughter when the apparent winner of the fight began voguing to celebrate his victory. He even danced his way out of the building and blew kisses to the onlookers!

Best of Gay Chicago


Boy George Talks Lady Gaga – and the Kaslopis Signing!

In an interview with
the UK Mirror,

Boy George talks about his first meeting with Lady Gaga. He was trying to get HER autograph for his neice.

GAGA asked him for his autograph as well: “She asked me to sign her vagina. I didn’t have a pen, so I just did her hat  instead! “



Butt Drugs in Indiana Gets Worldwide Exposure – Thanks to Rhett and Link

I found these 2 guys on YouTube.
Rhett and Link!

Rhett&Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They are best known for their internet videos and are self-proclaimed “Internetainers”. In addition to their web presence, Rhett&Link are also musicians and filmmakers, and have worked in network television as hosts. They own and operate a video production company, Rhett & Link, Inc.

Rhett&Link have developed an international following through their collection of over 200 web videos. Their music videos, non-scripted reality videos, and sketches have been seen over 40 million times, and have been featured on CNN, BBC, Fox News, WGN, TV Guide, G4’s Attack of the Show, Channel 101’s the Fizz, and the homepages of Youtube, Revver, Veoh, iFilm, MSNvideo, the DailyReel, Crackle and other video sites.

Rhett&Link have also created original video series for NBC Universal and TV Guide Broadband. They write, shoot, edit and produce almost all of their videos. And their videos have been viewed over 40 million times!

They have created videos for Taco Bell,  Hummer, Cadillac…and my  favorite  is one of their recent creations BUTT  Drugs, which is weeping YouTube this week!  It’s a real business located  in  Inidana, since 1952!

Watch the BUTT DRUGS Video.

The Making of BUTT DRUGS

These guys are getting hot!  Watch for more of them!


Do Lipstick Lesbians Vajazzle Their Precious Lady Peekachoos

Are woman really doing this?

I have seen some gay men adorn their bodies with Swarovski Crystals for years, but  below the beltline?

Thanks to Jennifer Love Heweitt and her new book, plus her appearance on the George Lopez show, she has brought Vajazzling to the public masses.

The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer
Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic

She loves to vajazzle so much, that she wrote an entire chapter on it! Vajazzling is a form of Brazilian bikini wax where stick-on Swarovski crystals are applied to the skin after hair removal.

Jennifer described the appearance of the bikini trend by stating that “it shined like a disco-ball” and went on to recommend that all girls should try vajazzling their “precious lady”. The strange beauty fad also made an appearance on the TV show, The Doctors, where Dr. Lisa Masterson described vajazzling as a fun and safe alternative to piercing.


You can purchase a stick-on crystal body “tattoo” in your favorite design and color. Crystal tattoos come in designs such as hearts, stars and butterflies.

You can usually  find these in the makeup section of most stores, but to get real Swarovski crystal tattoos, you’ll need to order online. Swarovski retired their line of body crystals recently, so they are very hard to find. Try EBAY!

A spa in New York city actually  started this fad.  And now many spa’s  are offering to do the application for you after a fresh waxing.

What will they think of next?

Any lesbians tried this yet??
Your vagina could shine like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!

Best Gay News


iNaked iPhone App – Too Good To Be True


An application by processing infrared light through a specific light filter….

If it sounds too good to be true….
it usually is!

iphone app iNaked Video on Live Leak


Burns Like Marijuana, Looks Like Marijuana, Acts Like Marijuana! K2


Legal Pot?
Sort of. 

Have you heard about this??

I was at a club the other night and this guy lights up a joint, right out in the open, infront of all these people!  Come to find out, it wasn’t really pot. But it smells like pot and gives you a legal high!

This particular friend bought the bag of dreid herbs online (about  $15)   and it comes  from  The Sacred Journey in Lawrence, KS. It looks kind of like oregano but it is laced with chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Some brand names include Spice, Genie and Zohai.

Kansas lawmakers are trying to figure out  how to outlaw the substance. It’s gotten very big on the drug scene, especially with teens. Because  the active ingredients are just a few atoms away from the real thing, the synthetic stuff isn’t covered by laws banning marijuana.

Most of this new product seems to be coming in from labs in Asia. – I am not a smoker.  My friend said the high is short lived, but very similar to the real stuff.  And it’s legal.


JAWS is Alive and Well? HUGE Great White Shark Suspected in Australia

It is believed, this 10-foot Great White Shark which was nearly snapped in half by a larger shark has authorities warning swimmers off Australia’s Queensland coast of a massive 20-foot “monster shark” lurking off the coast.

Two large bites were taken out of the 10ft white pointer by another great white, which is believed to be 1.5m longer than the creature that featured in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

AND GET THIS!  The injured great white was still alive when it was dragged on to a boat near Deadman’s Beach off north Stradbroke Island!!