Todd Sanfield’s 3rd DNA Cover – Plus The Official Launch of His Underwear Line


Supermodel Todd Sanfield and Photographer Rick Day
sent these images over from the new issue of  DNA .

This is Todd’s 3rd COVER! No other model has ever achieved this!
And yesterday Todds Underwear  Line store went live – all of the styles are
not there yet – more pieces will be added in the coming weeks.

The official launch party will be in
 New York City  at Splash Bar   on December 18th.

Todd Sanfield is delivering you the most sophisticated, cutting-edge design and the latest trends in his high-end underwear collection. Classy, elegant and most of all sensual can best describe the look and tone of the line. His commitment is to guarantee superior comfort in fit, and to set the standard of ultimate quality and durability. The line is made with the finest blend of cotton and each pair of underwear is personally designed and inspired by Todd’s unique sense of style and character,
which sets this collection above the rest.

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We had to put the  sexier images on a seperate page !

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