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ALL MAN The International Male Story

So excited for this!  A  new  movie is in the works  that will take us behind  the iconic International Male fashion catalog that transformed the “All-American Boy”, changing fashion, masculinity, and gay rights forever.

More than outrageous fashions, hunky models, and scandalous undies, ALL MAN is a journey across three decades of the International Male catalog’s lasting impact on fashion, masculinity, and gay rights. (I still have many of my old  catalogs!)

With revenues at its peak of $120 million and circulation of over 3 million, the catalog successfully appealed to both gay and straight audiences. For gay men, the images of sensually dressed men were a gateway into a fantasy world providing an escape from the AIDS crisis and widespread homophobia. For straight men and their female admirers, the catalog gave permission to take fashion risks and enjoy a more carefree expression of sexuality without threatening their masculinity and sexual appeal.

ALL MAN: The International Male Story is designed as a tribute to the catalog’s unique aesthetic and cultural relevance. The film mixes exclusive never-seen-before photographs and videos, interviews with super fans and celebrities, and creative re-enactments of the infamous photo shoots, and more!

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France Presidential Hopeful Emmanuel Marcon

Gay News Flash!

In case you haven’t heard, France is in the throes of an intense presidential campaign between two polar opposites: Emmanuel Macron, a young, pro-LGBTQ liberal, and Marine Le Pen, the antigay daughter of a Nazi sympathizer. The candidates are currently running neck and neck.

This week, Garcon, a bi-monthly magazine that caters to gay men, featured a topless Macron as the cover boy. Underneath him is the headline: “Coming out: a necessary fight.”

Reporter Tristan Barreiros, who writes for Garcon, tells Mashable that the picture was photoshopped and that the decision to run the cover story on “coming out” was meant to be ironic.

39-year-old Macron is straight but he is a longtime supporter of same-sex marriage, which is something his opponents have tried using against him. Throughout the campaign, they have accused him of being closeted, spread rumors that he was having a gay affair, and suggested he is backed by “a very wealthy gay lobby.”

Read more at QUEERTY


James Franco Gay News

james franco gay news

He’s working on a dozen movies, teaching film, writing a novel – and still has time to paint hummingbirds at night!

James Franco – in ROLLING STONE this week!

Last spring, he clarified things somewhat, writing in a magazine article, “I’m gay in my art and straight in my life,” adding coyly, “I’m also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse.” But the line separating art from life can grow porous, as on Franco’s Instagram, where he’s posted numerous homoerotic shots of himself – bare-chested in an exercise room, his arm slung around an oiled-up actor in bikini briefs, or looking buff while getting his nipples shaved in a hotel room. Franco tells me he’s approached Instagram, at times, as “a way of finding out what boundaries are and pressing buttons.”




Gus Kenworthy Gay Athlete

gus kenworthy gay man

I am gay.

Wow, it feels good to write those words. For most of my life, I’ve been afraid to embrace that truth about myself. Recently though, I’ve gotten to the point where the pain of holding onto the lie is greater than the fear of letting go, and I’m very proud to finally be letting my guard down.

My sexuality has been something I’ve struggled to come to terms with. I’ve known I was gay since I was a kid but growing up in a town of 2,000 people, a class of 48 kids and then turning pro as an athlete when I was 16, it just wasn’t something I wanted to accept. I pushed my feelings away in the hopes that it was a passing phase but the thought of being found out kept me up at night. I constantly felt anxious, depressed and even suicidal.

Looking back, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve come. For so much of my life I’ve dreaded the day that people would find out I was gay. Now, I couldn’t be more excited to tell you all the truth. Maybe you’ve suspected that truth about me all along, or maybe it comes as a complete shock to you. Either way, it’s important for me to be open and honest with you all. Y’all have supported me through a lot of my highs and lows and I hope you’ll stay by my side as I make this transformation into the genuine me – the me that I’ve always really been.

I am so thankful to ESPN for giving me this opportunity and to Alyssa Roenigk for telling my story to the world. I think about the pain I put myself through by closeting myself for so much of my life and it breaks my heart. If only I knew then what I know now: that the people who love you, who really care about you, will be by your side no matter what; and, that those who aren’t accepting of you are not the people you want or need in your life anyway.

Part of the reason that I had such a difficult time as a kid was that I didn’t know anyone in my position and didn’t have someone to look up to, who’s footsteps I could follow in. I hope to be that person for a younger generation, to model honesty and transparency and to show people that there’s nothing cooler than being yourself and embracing the things that make you unique. Head over to or click the link in my bio to read the full story and keep your eyes peeled for the November issue on newsstands soon! ‪#‎outinsports‬‪#‎comingout‬‪#‎gay‬‪#‎beyourself‬‪#‎bornthisway‬

Gus Kenworthy

gus kenworthy gay athlete


@Jarlos 420 Gay Male Models


John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla are a gay couple  and working models AS A COUPLE. They are known by JARLOS420 on Instagram and love their pot!

Both guys have backgrounds in modeling individually, but they’ve made it clear that Jarlos, their gestalt presence, is the unit that they’re presenting themselves as for Fusion. Fusion is a boutique-style agency that is quickly making a name for itself in the New York market as well as abroad.

The decision to work together rather than separately, say the pair, came from pressures within their old agencies to remain in the closet about their sexualities.

“It’s so fucked up. After coming out, I didn’t want to be weird about it again and act straight at castings,” Tuite recounted in an interview with The Cut. “I met with this one agency and they said, “We’d like to sign you, but you have to delete your Instagram account with your boyfriend and you guys can’t go out to parties together anymore.” What the fuck?

Read more of their story  at  OUT.



Abercrombie Fitch Fire Male Models

abercrombie male models fired


Abercrombie Fitch is firing all their Male Models!

The brand will no longer promote sexual marketing and they will make the stores  BRIGHTER!

Whose brilliant idea was this?

The trademark hotties are going the way of the dinosaur, as the retailer announced the brand will discontinue the use of “sexualized marketing” at all of its locations by the end of July.

No longer will shirtless men greet you at the door of Abercrombie & Fitch. The retailer is scaling back the sexiness at all A&F and Hollister locations  and decreasing its powerful trademark aroma.




Dolce Gabbana Against Gay Adoption

dolce and gabanna gay marriage adoption

In a 2006 interview with an Italian newspaper, Dolce (of Dolce & Gabbana) expressed  views against gays adopting, saying:

“I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents. A child needs a mother and a father. I could not imagine my childhood without my mother. I also believe that it is cruel to take a baby away from its mother.”


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana say: ‘The only family is the traditional one’   –  in an interview with Italy’s Panorama magazine.

Sir Elton John has called for a boycott of fashion label Dolce & Gabbana after the legendary designers criticised same-sex families.

In a scathing post on picture sharing site Instagram, the furious singer branded Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana “judgmental” and “archaic”.

It followed an interview with the designers in Italy’s Panorama magazine in which the pair said: “We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one.

“No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed.”


Dolce added that procreation “must be an act of love”, saying: “You are born to a mother and a father – or at least that’s how it should be.

“I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalog.”

Gabbana added: “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

How can gay people  say this???? You are in the public eye and gay people buy your clothes!  LIE if you disagree.

  An estimated 37% of LGBT adults have had a child and there are an estimated 6 million children with LGBT parents.  

source: Telegraph UK ….. read more


Where’s the BEEF? at KRAFT

One hot half naked dude  brings hotness to a  picnic in this Kraft ad  –  and those One Million Moms are crazed again!

Last week’s issue of People Magazine had the most
disgusting ad on the inside front cover that we have ever seen Kraft
produce. A full 2-page ad features a n*ked man lying on a picnic blanket
with only a small portion of the blanket barely covering his g*nitals.
It is easy to see what the ad is really selling. A person has to look
closely to see the item the company is marketing because the salad
dressing bottle is so small next to the male model, picnic basket and
other food items. There is also a small Kraft logo in the upper corners
with the words “Silverware Optional – Let’s Get Zesty.” The website is listed in the bottom corner.

Kraft has gone too far and will push away loyal, conservative
customers with this new ad campaign. Christians will not be able to buy
Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their
advertising. The consumers they are attempting to attract – women and
mothers – are the very ones they are driving away. Who will want Kraft
products in their fridge or pantry if this vulgarity is what they

One Million Moms cannot get over the gall of this company. It is
unnecessary for Kraft to use s*x to sell salad dressing! (An asterisk is
used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up to
receive our alerts. Otherwise, referencing specific words would cause
our emails to be blocked by some Internet filters.)


CHRIS KLUWE Shows His Support for Marriage Equality in OUT

Chris Kluwe ‘shows’ his 

support in OUT Magazine

By Shaun Knittel 
Best Gay News Magazine 
Staff Writer 
Outspoken straight ally to the LGBTQ community, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe posed for pictures in the current issue of OUT Magazine.
 Kluwe, who strongly supports the freedom to marry, recently told CNN, “To me, this fight is about equality and human rights. The fact is, there are Americans who pay taxes and serve in our military — who defend this country — who do not receive the same legal protections as the rest of us. To me, that’s flat-out discrimination. That’s the same as segregation or suffrage.”
 “I will defend to the death your right to say or do whatever you want, as long as it does not oppress other people,” he said. 
The pro football player told OUT Magazine’s Cyd Zeigler he has “always relished breaking that stereotype of the dumb jock athlete because while I enjoyed athletics growing up, I also enjoyed reading and video games, and athletic sport is not what defines me as a person.”
 “I think as more and more generations start rising through the NFL, a lot of these kids see that it’s OK to be something other than an athlete,” he continued. “I think there is a much more tolerant atmosphere in the NFL now,” he told CNN, when asked if an openly gay player would be accepted in the league. “[But] until someone comes out, we never will know.”
Kluwe has also said via his Twitter account that he’s ready and willing to debate any Minnesota politician on the same-sex marriage issue. 
In fact, according to Yahoo! Sports, he recently sent 10 debate invitations to prominent local Republicans, and has not received a response.
“Citizens united – corporations are not people,” he told CNN. “And if you look at our current election, we’re spending over a billion dollars to decide who our next President is going to be, and to me, that says that money has an overriding influence in our politics right now.”
Kluwe says he’s merely reaching out to speak for those he feels are not properly represented.
 “It shouldn’t be news when someone speaks out for equality. It should be news when someone speaks out against it.”

Ben Cohen Launches STAND UP Magazine

I met Ben Cohen about 1 year ago

 when he launched his STAND UP campaign in Chicago. 
He said to me, “We plan to REALLY DO SOMETHING about bullying – not just talk about how things will get better for someone” –
3500+ sports teams have signed his STAND UP Charter. He is truly bringing awareness and making changes in the world of sports. 
The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc. is the world’s first foundation
dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of
bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it.

Gay Atlanta can’t get enough of rugby stud Ben Cohen, and vice versa. A week after his last visit and even before he returns to top Atlanta Pride, Cohen’s StandUp Foundation announces its new magazine and sets an Atlanta launch party for November.

The first issue of the quarterly publication (photo) hits on Nov. 14
with a W Midtown Hotel launch party hosted by the cover boy – Cohen, who
else? – himself, according to a Wednesday announcement from Cohen and
his Atlanta-based foundation. 

The magazine will carry the tagline “True
Champions Stand Up,” feature athletes’ personal stories, and focus on
the “best in sports, including character, fairness and inclusion.”

StandUp magazine benefits the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation and its
effort to fight bullying and remove homophobia from sports. It will be
available nationwide with planned distribution by subscription and at
Barnes & Noble stores. Future issues are scheduled to come out in
February, May and August 2013.

Of course, Cohen has experience as a cover boy and using his sex
appeal to further his cause with gay fans in Atlanta across the world. Video of his sexy 2013 calendar shoot is a hit in itself. The magazine cover follows his StandUp underwear line, a hot 2012 calendar (view photos), just as scrummy and yummy 2011 calendar and soaking wet 2010 calendar.


Harrison Twins from the UK – Male Models at BEAUTIFUL MAG

Owen and Lewis Harrison – The Harrison Twins are from the UK. The boys have found their way into the scene of photography and have rapidly become well-sought after models.

Their future dream is to be known. Be known for looking good. Make a
living out of modeling and see themselves on the cover of magazines.
BeautifulMag being the first one of probably a long list of magazine
covers. Owen and Lewis came in contact with Hotsnapz photographer Simon Barnes and traveled to London for a first meeting and session.

See all of the  amazing  photos  at BEAUTIFUL  MAG!

and the Twins site – Cut and Shredded


When is Hate Talk Acceptable

I know all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

 I know it’s the KKK’s  right  to spew hate.
 I know  Fred Phelps can say what he wants.
I get it.
And TI  agrees. 

In the newest issue of Vibe magazine, T.I.  speaks his mind  on the Tracy Morgan gay joke  controversy,(he said he would KILL his son, if he was gay)
and suggests that it’s un-American for gay people to speak out against those who criticize them…

Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I
ever heard Tracy (Morgan) say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I
think gay people are too sensitive.

If you can take a dick, you can take
a joke.’
[Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind
of true.’ –

um, really?  Killing your gay  son is funny?What an Ass!

While T.I. makes clear that he supports
anyone’s sexual preference, he then connects, in his opinion, a current
oversensitivity among gay people with a consequential and ironic offense
of the First Amendment. “They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against
us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ … That’s not American. If you’re gay
you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it
you should have the right to be against it in peace.’

I don’t understand black people – who think this way. Blacks should understand our movement for equality. They have been there.

I think if this is the case, then blacks should not mind if I use the N word. Or if I call them  “colored people”.  Maybe they are too sensitive. And Jews should not mind when I use the phrase  JEW HIM DOWN.

He says if we can take a dick – we should take a joke. Does he like colored people jokes about watermelon and fried chicken?  – How about jokes about black slaves?  or concentration camps? I would hope, we have all evolved in our thinking. And know what is right and what is wrong. And understand the power behind spreading hateful thinking. Threatening to kill your son for being gay – is not funny.  Joke or not.

I wonder if TI  finds  black joke sites funny?  or in bad taste?

I really hate black rappers and their holier-than-thou attitudes.


Todd Sanfield’s 3rd DNA Cover – Plus The Official Launch of His Underwear Line


Supermodel Todd Sanfield and Photographer Rick Day
sent these images over from the new issue of  DNA .

This is Todd’s 3rd COVER! No other model has ever achieved this!
And yesterday Todds Underwear  Line store went live – all of the styles are
not there yet – more pieces will be added in the coming weeks.

The official launch party will be in
 New York City  at Splash Bar   on December 18th.

Todd Sanfield is delivering you the most sophisticated, cutting-edge design and the latest trends in his high-end underwear collection. Classy, elegant and most of all sensual can best describe the look and tone of the line. His commitment is to guarantee superior comfort in fit, and to set the standard of ultimate quality and durability. The line is made with the finest blend of cotton and each pair of underwear is personally designed and inspired by Todd’s unique sense of style and character,
which sets this collection above the rest.

Join Todd  on Facebook

Check out Todd Sanfield Underwear

We had to put the  sexier images on a seperate page !

Best Gay News


More from Super Male Model Todd Sanfield and His New Signature Underwear Line



Best Gay News


Huntley Woods – Actor, Model, Hepatitis Activist

up and coming model/actor talks to us this week about growing up on
the ice and his interest in acting as well as his work with the Hep Team.

“Growing up I couldn’t play conventional sports to save my life! Baseball, soccer, basketball, football, you name it, I failed at it!” Huntley says. “But I was still athletic and overflowing with energy, so I fell into a not so common sport. I put on some ice skates and something clicked. I trained as a figure skater for about ten years. I got teased a lot, but stuck with it. Eventually it came to the point where I had to choose to skate full time as a profession or go off to college. My coaches begged me to stick with it, but I had spent SO MUCH TIME at the rink practicing, I never had a social life. So after high school, I decided to go to the University of Southern California where I pursued theater and film. I had been performing already for so many years, acting seemed like a natural segue.”

Huntley confides he always knew he was gay growing up…”I knew something was different, I just didn’t know exactly what it meant. Then when I understood what being gay was, I had been taught in catholic school that it was not an acceptable life. I didn’t know anyone who was openly gay until I got to college. There I met a lot of gay people and begun to realize it was an OK lifestyle. I could lead an openly gay life and be happy!”

A Recent graduate from USC’s School of Theatre & School of Cinematic Arts, Huntley says, “Acting is my main aspiration, but I’ve really starting to get into modeling recently and am getting very passionate about it. I think a lot of people come out here seeking fame and fortune. They wait tables by day, waiting for a big break without studying up or getting training. I love everything about the film and acting business so I wanted to know all about how it works. In school I got to learn a lot about all the roles behind the camera as well as be in front of the camera. I found that I really enjoy the craft of film making and the enormous collaborative effort that goes into it. I enjoy acting out different roles and becoming different characters. Sure, if fame and fortune come, that would be nice, but I’m not in it to be a movie star, I just hope to be successful and working. In the end I just want to work in the industry I am passionate about.”

So by day, rather than wait tables, Huntley got into learning the business of movie trailers. He is an office coordinator at a Los Angeles based company that creates the trailers and teasers we see in theatres. In his free time he auditions for various television, film, and print work. He recently landed a cover for COMPETE , the gay sports magazine and also a Neutrogena television commercial . He even helps out on OurSceneTV as a writer and host having done a segment about West Hollywood’s BIG RED BUS . “The next step is to get an agent or agency to represent me. I have been going on a lot of auditions I have found myself, but an agent is essential to take it to the next level. I am always looking to network with some great photographers and creative minds to expand my portfolio of work as well.”


Sounds like a busy life! When he’s not at the office, acting, modeling, or playing volleyball on the beautiful beaches of Southern California, he works part time for the Hep Team. Not just another Southern California pretty gay-boy-next-door, Huntley leads a busy life but still finds time to help worthy causes like the Hep Team.

“Hep Team works as an outreach program that goes all over the country to help make sure at-risk adults are protected against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.. They’re in NY as well and also in Chicago. I mainly handle the West Coast events, California -LA, San Diego, Long Beach, also Seattle and have done a bunch in Arizona as well.”

Hep Team has been around for 15 years. But in the last couple years  we’re seeing a lot more of the orange-clad workers and volunteers. The initiative was created by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, and geared toward the MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) population. The goal is to vaccinate people against hepatitis A and B, and it is working. Hep Team is a partnership of GSK, Hep Team staff, state and local county health departments and supportive volunteers. In Arizona alone, over 1,700 individuals were vaccinated in 2009 thanks to the Hep Team Project. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports a nationwide initiative to make hepatitis A/B vaccine available to states to undertake vaccination programs for adults to help reduce the threat.

“I got into this role quite by accident,” revealed Huntley. “A friend of mine at USC was working for the marketing company and he needed some help one weekend, so I volunteered. My role with them just sort of kept growing and expanding and now I am their Event Manager out here. I go to events all over Southern California and help run booths, train new staff and help establish new markets. I love talking to people and I love sharing my new found knowledge on the topic of hepatitis prevention. There’s a fair amount of people who are aware of it. But it brings me joy to find that random stranger I can help educate about the disease and the importance of getting the vaccines.”

If you’re in or around Southern California this summer, keep an eye out for Huntley at:

Los Angeles Gay Pride – June 11-13

San Diego Gay Pride – July 17-18

Sunset Junction – August 21-22

And you can connect with him on Facebook and Model Mayhem .

More info on Hepatitis C can be found  at  HEP  CHALLENGE   and  COMPETE MAGAZINE
World Hepatitis News at Glaxo Smith Kline .

Best Gay News Magazine


Male SuperModel Ronnie Kroell Gets Hard for Playgirl Magazine

Chicago’s  Ronnie Kroell was the only gay contestant on the first year of Make Me A Super Model.  He came in second place but the exposure has been  HUGE  for him and his career.

He has been in the news a lot lately with the buzz around his Playgirl photo shoot!

A couple months ago, Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl secured Ronnie for a photo shoot. The Levi Johnston shoot created quite a stir, but Ronnie will go  FULL FRONTAL, all the  way!  The shoot happened this  past week.

I spoke to Daniel last night.  He called me from New York. “Ronnie Kroell is shot and DONE! He was shot by Lope Navo Wednesday at The Grace Hotel. And I have to say, it’s going to be groundbreaking for Playgirl. The shots are amazing, and Ronnie is yes, hard and full frontal. You will GAG!”

Ronnie revealed, “The theme of the shoot was to celebrate fashion and one’s ability to express themselves, but also throughout the shoot,  being able to see beyond the clothing labels and beyond the labels that society puts on us to reveal something we all have – the human body, fragile, vulnerable and beautiful.”

And he added, “I am VERY happy to have worked with a truly talented creative team on  this  PLAYGIRL COVER SHOOT. Stay tuned for pictures to be released on or before MAY 15th and to get your own copy of the SUMMER 2010 issue of PLAYGIRL on JUNE 15th!!”

Daniel is very excited as well.  He  told me, “I’m convinced that the Ronnie Kroell shoot will bring Playgirl up to a whole new level.

The entire crew made for an exciting day for Playgirl, and a next step in our evolution as a magazine. I trust readers are going to love it. IT WAS  GREAT! Honestly, it could not have gone better!”

Best Gay Chicago / Best Gay News


Apple vs. Adonis Mag….Apple says Guys in Speedos or Underwear is PORN!


is the latest casualty in Apple’s censorship war!

Launched in December, ADONIS MAG was an iphone app that featured exclusive images by world-famous photographers bringing  their own vision of the male form and exploring beyond fashion, by venturing into the art of the body. It was a magazine, loaded to your phone. And  it was non-pornographic!

Just 5 issues later, Apple has pulled the plug. Stating they felt that guys in speedos and underwear, was like porn!

Apple has decided to play judge and jury. They have now gotten into the highly subjective business of deciding how much skin on even a swimsuit photo is too much for its puritanical values, and is reportedly banning “sexual connotations” and “innuendo.”

According to a developer, “Wobble” creator Jon Atherton, who claims to have spoken with Apple, the new policies include:



    • “No images of women in bikinis (Ice skating tights are not OK either)”


  • “No images of men in bikinis! (I didn’t ask about Ice Skating tights for men)”










    • “No skin (he seriously said this) (I asked if a Burqa was OK, and the Apple guy got angry)”


    • “No silhouettes that indicate that Wobble can be used for wobbling boobs (yes – I am serious, we have to remove the silhouette in this pic)”


    • “No sexual connotations or innuendo: boobs, babes, booty, sex – all banned”


    • “Nothing that can be sexually arousing!! (I doubt many people could get aroused with the pic above but those puritanical guys at Apple must get off on pretty mundane things to find Wobble “overtly sexual!)”


This past week, Apple plug the plug  on   ADONIS  MAG.
This is ridiculous!

Apple already has parental controls in place. And we are not talking NUDITY here!

More at Business Insider.

I for one, have written APPLE and told them this is crazy.

I went online to the Apple store and PLAYBOY IS STILL THERE!

Are they just targeting the gays????

Best Gay News


Mike Ruiz – Celebrity Photographer

New York-based photographer (and major hottie!) Mike Ruiz is best known for his high-impact, surreal brand of celebrity and fashion photography.

He has worked with everyone from Betty White,Ru Paul,  Dolly Parton and Dennis Hopper to Lindsay Lohan, The Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron. He did some great shots this month of  Lance Bass and Carmen Electra, both shown here.

The Canadian-born artist  Ruiz is also featured this month in  XEX Magazine and some of his works have become available for purchase at Prints995.

Still on hold – Mike Ruiz  developed a scripted television show  based on a group of elitist gay men living in Los Angeles called‚ “The 10 10’s.”

It’s a story that is loosely based on the eccentricities of me and the posse of super hot guys I ran around with in the early 90’s. It was brilliantly written by the super-talented Benjamin Morgan. We’ve only begun pitching it and the response has been very positive. It’s early on in the process so all I can say about it is that it is freaking HILARIOUS in a dark and super-sexy way.

Ruiz’s entrepreneurial skills led him to co-found Miauhaus Studios, a Los Angeles photography complex featuring four full-service photo studios.



The Best Gay News


Adonis Mag – The First Male Photography Magazine iPhone App

Now here’s an interesting concept;  Images of hot men as an app. That’s it. Nothing more.
Nothing less. Just lots of hot eye candy at your finger tips.  Not on paper. Not on the Internet.
Only in the palm of your hand!

Each issue of   ADONIS    will only feature exclusive images by world-famous
photographers bringing you their own vision of the male form and
exploring beyond fashion, by venturing into the art of the body.

The first issue of ADONIS is done by world renowned photographer
Fred Goudon from France (Dieux du Stade, Aqua, Virility, Bedtime Stories, …)
84 never before seen  images included –   $1.99 for issue  # 1



Dylan Rosser and Nuno Branco – Heat up Your December!

The  new  issue  of  DISPLAY MAGAZINE is out and is sure to heat things up in this cold  December month!

Chock full of hot  models  from  ES COLLECTION  and  discovery  Nuno Branco
(29, from London) photographed by   Dylan Rosser.

His credo: “The body is the instrument to discover the world, and for that I need a strong. Moreover, it is good for the beach, do not you? “What’s in the sexy Latino, is also reflected in his tattoo below the navel,” El niño “. “This means a child – but also stands for a hurricane in South America. And the word hurricane hits my personality pretty well “, says Nuno.


ADVOCATE Down Sizes and Regroups For 2010

LAST WEEK, Queerty reported that Regent Media had “gutted” The Advocate, firing approximately 13 staffers, and that the publication going forward would cease to exist in its current form and be a 32-page insert folded into OUT magazine.

NO TRUE  says  the  ADVOCATE! Editor-in-chief Jon Barrett posted a lengthy letter from general manager Stephen Macias on his Facebook page, responding to Queerty’s David Hauslaib regarding the post.

Here’s the letter, edited down, with all the important highlights…


Dear David,
I wanted to take a moment to speak to the inaccuracies of your story and to the strength of The Advocate brand.
Clearly, 2009 has been one of the most challenging economic periods for all businesses in the United States. Moving strong, lean businesses forward in 2010 requires that business models adapt. This company cares very much about the history of the most important LGBT national news brand and is making careful and thoughtful decisions to ensure its survival and to position it for growth. We are reorganizing departments to make that happen. That said, we are all very grateful for the work our departing staff members contributed–just as we are of those who continue to work with the company.
First, The Advocate staff has not been “gutted” as you write. We are, however, making strategic and sometimes difficult staff changes in order to support all iterations of The Advocate brand. The print expression (which will vary in size from month to month as it always has), will continue on its monthly schedule. Our website (which has quadrupled its traffic in the past 16 months) will be relaunched early next year with enhanced technology that will add dimension to the breaking news and features stories our editors and reporters are already delivering on a several-times-a-day basis. So what does that mean for The Advocate reader? We’ll still ask tough questions of the White House press secretary around issues like DADT, we’ll still deliver online live video coverage of key events like today’s passage of the Ryan White Care Act, and we’ll report critical news around topics like the Defense of Marriage Act–only now you’ll get more of it (in a more timely manner) than ever before.
The Advocate brand will also expand, as previously announced, to include a monthly hour-long television magazine that will be broadcast on our sister brands here! TV and and of course on We are currently in production, and on schedule, for the show’s February launch. Modeled after CBS’s tremendously esteemed 60 Minutes, this program will explore the critical issues of the day through the Advocate lens.
All Advocate subscribers will continue to receive their print editions of the magazine, and editor in chief Jon Barrett (who is still employed with the company despite an earlier Queerty report that he had been fired) has been promoted to Advocate editorial director–overseeing all expressions of extensions of the brand.
Here Media continues to evolve and integrate its many properties with care and respect in challenging times. In fact, The Advocate–throughout its four decades of service–is a great model when it comes to embracing change. It began in 1967 as a mimeographed newsletter, evolved into a broadsheet newspaper, transitioned into a tabloid, and then blossomed in its current glossy iteration. The Advocate will continue to grow–especially online and on air–while maintaining its high standards in print.
On Wednesday, thousands of Advocate readers went to to watch live video coverage of long-overdue passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. No other news site in the world thought the moment was important enough to cover live, but The Advocate did–and the Advocate will continue to do so.
Stephen Macias


DISPLAY Magazine – from Switzerland with Gorgeous Male Models

Who says the  SWISS
have boring magazines???


Have you seen  DISPLAY?
WOW! Very Hot!

In the new issue, we find a butt load of hot guys. On the cover  is hottie Michael Radon by Thomas Synnamon. Inside,more hotties like  Damiano Frascaroli ..again by photographer Thomas Synnamon. Great articles like gay travel, gay art, even a few gay beauty tips!

I love this magazine because it has great interviews as well.  You  can also  view it online and have it translated with Google  tool.

D I S P L A Y .

Best Gay News Magazine