Colorful Clothes and the BEST Underwear for Men

It’s  is    SO COMFORTABLE and clings to your body in all the right places.
This fabric is EVERYTHING!
YES   I really  tried  them on  and  YES,  I REALLY  DO LOVE  THEM!

Choosing to wear regular men’s boxer briefs instead of a ball hammock with ball support is like choosing to adopt a rehabilitated pit bull fighting dog instead of a miniature Golden Doodle runt puppy. It sounds like it’ll probably be fine since plenty of other dudes are doing it, but it’s actually kind of dangerous.

Think about men’s pouch underwear like this: You wouldn’t toss fresh eggs in your shopping cart without an egg carton, all willy nilly?!

Sure, there are other  brands with pouches.  But I am telling you,  this  brand fits like a glove, shows you off,  and  feels  so comfortable.

Besides keeping your love spuds cool by cradling them in a moisture-wicking, micro-modal ball hammock, these men’s pouch underwear enhance the look of your package by keeping “your meat and taters all on the same plate.”  Common reactions from lucky spectators include comments like “Wow, what size shoe did you say you wear?” and stunned silence.

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The details:


Materials: 95% Micromodal, 5% Spandex – The second softest place you can put your manhood

1    Ball Hammock® Pouch Technology – Helps prevent the twins from getting crushed between your legs

Bulge Enhancing – Ball Hammock® pouch makes your package look huge. For real.

Lightweight, Breathable, Moisture-wicking – Shuts down SWASS before it starts. Throw away your Gold Bond
Technical Details – 4-way stretch, gusseted crotch, no-itch flatlock stitching, and anti-bunching construction
Basic  colors – and fun, colorful and cheeky prints and patterns!
  3  WORDS –  YOU WILL LOVE THEM!    And it feels like you are wearing NOTHING!

Shinesty was created for one reason and one reason only; to bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen!  And they do the BEST job at doing just that!

Shinesty is “a brand that makes people laugh,” says  founder Chris White. “Either you think we’re ridiculous or you think we’re fools.”

White started the Shinesty website to sell vintage clothing combed from Colorado’s thrift stores to college kids as a way to make extra money while finishing his JD/MBA at CU Boulder.

He went into importing and working with contract manufacturers to make his own line of wacky apparel, and soon had a huge hit: suits with patterns that mimic ugly Christmas sweaters.

The suits went viral and Shinesty was deluged with orders after Al Roker plugged them on Today.

Suits, dresses,  pajamas,  swimsuits, and yes,  men’s boxers with a ball pouch!   SHINESTY! Check it out  today!!