Jai Rodriguez on NIP TUCK


The  premiere  of  NIP/TUCK on FX!

October 14th,  Wednesdays  at  10pm.

As season 6 begins, Sean and Christian struggle to keep McNamara/Troy thriving in a failing economy and turn to another plastic surgeon to attain additional income through a new cosmetic procedure for women.

OUT  actor/singer/queer guy Jai Rodriguez as Chaz Darling, Best Gay Friend of the show’s new teenage villainness Eden Lord. She’s the daughter of Olivia Lord (out acrtress Portia DeRossi) who is currently lovers with Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson).

The episode starts with Chaz dropping by McNamara/Troy because he’s got a little something he wants fixed. This scene gives us our first inkling of what a bad egg that Chaz is going to turn out to be.

In fact, he later goes on to tell Eden, already too skinny, that she needs liposuction because a negative size two is the new size zero. Thanks to Eden’s help, he forces Troy to perform surgery to repair this horrible flaw with his chest.

The show features a secondary storyline about Matt McNamara’s (John Hensley) and his crack pipe smoking meth addiction. He just can’t stay off the stuff!

And to support his habit, forces him to turn to gay porn as a way to support his family. It’s initially his wife that they’re trying to line a gig up for, but when Ram Peters (John Schneider) gets a look at how haggard she looks it’s Matt that he offers the job to.

Turns out he has a website called “First Time Fairies” and Matt has just the right twink look Ram wants for the site. So Matt shows up, gets, um, prepared, and arrives to film his scene for $5000.

Then he meets his “co-star” and wonders just what he’s gotten himself into. Just then his junkie wife arrives to drag him away telling him that their Scientology-like church is willing to help them get clean!

It’s going to be another roller-coaster of a season!