TEXAS To Legalize Gay Marriage Next? Before New York?

NY MAG  reported today –

At a campaign event in Chelsea yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg told a group of gay-marriage supporters, “I actually think in my heart of hearts that this is going to get done.” That’s quite a turnaround from when he told the Gay City News two weeks ago that there was “zero, zero” chance of the Senate legalizing gay marriage this year. Of course, he didn’t say yesterday that it would get done soon — just that it would get done, at some point in the future, which is a pretty safe bet. We’ll also travel by personal jet-pack someday. But Bloomberg is also matching his newfound optimism with a renewed lobbying effort, telling the crowd that he had pressed the issue with minority leader Dean Skelos and Democratic conference leader John Sampson earlier in the day.

At about the same time yesterday, in a faraway land not known for its liberalism, gay marriage got an unexpected legal boost. A Texas judge ruled that the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage “violates the federal constitutional right to equal protection.” This doesn’t mean that gay marriage is now legal there, and there are plenty of hurdles to overcome before that would happen, but still, this is Texas we’re talking about. If they were to legalize gay marriage before New York does, that would just be odd, and kind of embarrassing.

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