The Collection of Barbra Streisand Auction






Own a little piece of  Babs!

If you like Barbra Streisand, you might wanna attend the Barbra Streisand auction on October 17 and 18.



From paintings to furniture to costumes she’s worn in her famous films, Barbra Streisand is auctioning off items she has accumulated over the years all in the name of fundraising. Items even include costumes the actress has worn onstage, in concert and on television.


All proceeds will go to Streisand’s foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to charity over the past 23 years. This is  Streisands  3rd  major  auction.

Kareen Wynter, CNN entertainment reporter talked to Streisand about her auction and here are some of the star’s thoughts.


Kareen Wynter: Why did you decide to auction off some items?


Barbra Streisand: We really never possess anything — I mean, not forever. We borrow things and then we let them go and be used and shared and enjoyed by the next generation and the next generation. So if you can’t really use something anymore, even though it belonged to you for a long time and you loved it, it’s great to pass it on. And especially if the proceeds go to my foundation, which invests in wonderful causes and organizations that help other people.

Previews now thru the 16th  @  9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA.
Auction to be help October 17 & 18.