Sexy Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will replace David Beckham at Emporio Armani


Cristiano Ronaldo  is the buff 24-year-old soccer star who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team.The Portuguese star will model  ARMANI’S  spring and summer collection in 2010 after being named as the face and body of the company.

Becoming the ‘new official ambassador’ for the company, the world’s most expensive football player will don jeans and underwear in advertising campaigns.

Hottie David Beckham was affiliated with Armani from 2007, but has relinquished the role after moving on to create his own range of underwear. The pants and underwear he modeled for Armani soared in sales! So he figures why not cash in on the success?!

No worries though. Can’t get enough Beckham? Read his blog, buy his calendar and get into his underwear!


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