Burns Like Marijuana, Looks Like Marijuana, Acts Like Marijuana! K2


Legal Pot?
Sort of. 

Have you heard about this??

I was at a club the other night and this guy lights up a joint, right out in the open, infront of all these people!  Come to find out, it wasn’t really pot. But it smells like pot and gives you a legal high!

This particular friend bought the bag of dreid herbs online (about  $15)   and it comes  from  The Sacred Journey in Lawrence, KS. It looks kind of like oregano but it is laced with chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Some brand names include Spice, Genie and Zohai.

Kansas lawmakers are trying to figure out  how to outlaw the substance. It’s gotten very big on the drug scene, especially with teens. Because  the active ingredients are just a few atoms away from the real thing, the synthetic stuff isn’t covered by laws banning marijuana.

Most of this new product seems to be coming in from labs in Asia. – I am not a smoker.  My friend said the high is short lived, but very similar to the real stuff.  And it’s legal.