John Mayer – Kissing Men and Hanging out in Gay Bars



Gay bars and clubs are no longer our little secret – Straight women (and some straight men)  are invading them left and right.
And singer  JOHN  MAYER is the latest, adding his name to our fan list.

So what is John’s deal really?  Perez Hilton said the notorious womanizer and he  kissed last year at a New Years Eve Party.

Last month Mayer was hanging out at  Toucans, in Palm Springs – “John Mayer was dancing with all the guys,” the Toucan’s regular squealed. “It was around 1AM when his limo pulled up and parked by the restaurant next to the club. He stumbled in — you could tell he was already feeling good…”



Once inside the club, the “Who Says” singer, 32, reportedly got frisky with a few scantily-clad male go-go dancers.


“Some good-looking guy bought him a Corona beer and he immediately started dancing like a wild man when the Black Eyed Peas single ‘I Gotta Feeling’ started playing — it was crazy.”


Another witness claims he spotted a young Twinkie male patron approach John and kiss the rocker smack on the lips — and Johnny Boy didn’t appear to put up much of a fight.


“That’s when the entire place erupted and cheered,” the eyewitness added. “He partied and danced until the bartender called last call. He was smiling and hugging about a dozen guys on his way out.”

John dismissed rumors he FLED  the gay club after the guy   planted a kiss on his lips – insisting he “had a blast” and found the crowd “respectful”.  In fact, he enjoys  gay bars!  He  said, ““If you are a man in life and you haven’t gone to a gay bar, you haven’t really danced. Because you’re talking about a bar full of men without that dumb, alpha-male, ego, pushing, shouldering… you can actually have a great time without worrying in this sort of alpha-dog defensive position of like, who’s over here, who’s gonna try and come up, and who’s gonna talk shit, and who’s gonna do this and do that. You can actually just go and have a great time. We did have such a great time, to hear that somebody had written a story that I was getting kisses planted on me, it just sort of reduces it to that real stereotypical…you know that’s why I wrote, after that I was like nobody’s more aggressive than drunk white chicks. They’re terrible.”