New Book from Greg Gorman – In Their Youth

A celebration of male beauty

fleeting moments  captured in early youth…

 “In their youth,”  is a collection of approximately two hundred black and white portraits of young men, especially actors (many of whom now occupy an important place in the Hollywood star system) that Gorman has photographed the beginning of their careers, but also musicians famous and beautiful strangers.

The parade of famous faces, and bodies, ranging from the seventies to 2009, opens with an intense series dedicated to Leonardo Di Caprio. It recognizes, among others, Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Atkins, Mickey Rourke, Mick Jagger, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Dillon and Rupert Everett (his portrait chosen for the cover of volume).

For the most part these are extreme close-ups of faces, but there are shots where the study of the eyes and facial expression adds a search on the figure and body language, emphasized the turning of the images in diptychs and neutral backgrounds.

“The eyes tell you if you’re getting through to the heart of the individual, or if there’s something they’re not sharing with you….”  says  Greg.

The volume also  includes a conversation between Gorman and his friend and filmmaker Audrey Wells and a critical essay by Peter Weiermair.