Tyra Banks to Follow in Oprah’s Footsteps…Calling it Quits and Starting a Production Company

Tyra Banks has announced that she will be discontinuing her daily talk show later this year, according to People.com.

“This will be the last season of ‘The Tyra Show,'” Banks said. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past five years.”


The Emmy Award winning series will air its last first-run episode this Spring.

Considering Tyra Banks has long emulated Oprah Winfrey, it comes as no surprise that a few months after Oprah announced she’ll be ending her long-running talk show, Tyra has followed suit.

With encouragement from filmmaker Tyler Perry and mentor Oprah Winfrey, Tyra will now focus her attention on the launch of Bankable Studios, a N.Y.-based film production company currently reviewing possible projects. Says an industry insider, Tyra will be sticking to her mission to bring “positive images of women to the big screen.”


“My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are,” Tyra said.