John and Edward Grimes – Jedward – Faces to Watch in 2010

Two months ago Simon Cowell said it will be a ‘disaster’ if Irish twins John and Edward Grimes  – aka  JEDWARD,  win the X Factor.

The sharp tongued music mogul said he would sulk for six months and flee Britain if the 18-year-olds took home the lucrative record deal offered to the winner of the talent show.

But he confessed that the duo were popular with the public and could go on to have a future music career.

Critics say they are tone deaf and talentless!  Even the Prime Minister said  they can’t sing! But the public loves them anyways.
They are cute and entertaining!

They are, without doubt, the sensation of the moment: two quiff-haired innocents, who can neither sing nor dance but have taken Britain by storm. Everyone’s talking about Jedward. And everyone loves  twins!

So they didn’t win X-Factor. Big Deal. Neither did Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber or Jennifer Hudson – and look where they are. You don’t have to win, to WIN. Reality Television exposure these days is all it takes to get you in front of the public.

Even the gays love  Jedward!  After being  booted from Britain’s X-Factor show for their poor singing ability, the twins from Dublin, took their act immediately to London nightclub G-A-Y where they were met with much enthusiasm, according to reports:


“The 18-year-old twins, were told to ‘kiss each other’ as randy revellers went mad at London’s famous G-A-Y club. And camp partygoers shocked the boys by begging them: ‘Show us your c***s.’ … Event organiser Tony Drummond said: ‘I haven’t seen a reaction like that for a long time. It was as if George Michael had just walked into the building.'”

The twins  also  join Sarah Jessica Parker and  Joan Rivers,  with Graham Norton for his New Year’s Eve special tomorrow night.

They are fun. Adorable. Entertaining. Cute as buttons.
Do they have talent?  Does it matter?!

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