Material Boy – Madonna’s Alleged Illegitimate Son

It is unclear who is behind this! It could be a huge hoax or it could be  a brilliant marketing plan.

This “movie” trailer has surfaced on YouTube about 2 weeks and was mysteriously posted by a Mr Peter Molson, and he has no profile. The minute and a half video alleges that Madonna  has a 36-year-old illegitimate, bastard son.


“On December 24, 1973, a young, 15-year-old girl named Madonna gave birth to a boy in a hospital in Michigan. Now, 36 years later, the best ever kept secret in the history of pop music will be revealed.”


So says the opening narrative for a trailer to Material Boy, threatening our livelihood by hitting theaters in August 2010. The Advocate reports that a man has come forward claiming to be the son of Madonna and even made a film documenting his strange and bizarre existence.


As the trailer suggests, Madonna’s new “adult” son likes to roam the streets naked like an abandoned dog, thrust his pelvis, lie in a grave and pose strapped to a cross. But the truth is I couldn’t watch it more than once. I was afraid my eyes would be injured beyond repair.  Coming Summer  2010.

Maybe Madonna is behind the whole thing and it’s a huge marketing stunt!

We’ll see!


Update!  Ethan Says has solved the mystery! “I did a little research (thanks to a lead from a reader comment) and found out that this ‘secret son’ of Madonna is none other than Luizo Vega, a performer, photographer, videomaker, and a platic artist living in Europe. His newest project – Material Boy – is an artistic documentary that narrates the life of a bastard son of Madonna…a project that explores the limits of contemporary art in the 21st century.


Read through his blog, he’s no stranger to the European (and S.A.) communities. His art, whether behind or in front of the camera, is extremely provocative and DARK (to say the least). The issue that he’s the bastard prince of Madonna? Well, you’ll just have to wait til summer – when the Material Boy makes his premiere in NYC on August 16th. He promises that I’ll have all the info!”