Channing Tatum’s Stripper go-go Boy Movie


As a broke 18-year-old, hottie Channing Tatum worked as a stripper  to make ends meet before becoming an actor. He was in Florida at that time in a Chippendales-style revue called Male Encounter. Watch the video of the lean young hottie shaking his money maker!


“It’s absolutely true,” Tatum, now 29, laughs. “I did it for almost a year. I’ve lived a crazy life, for sure.


“It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time and I got out unscathed. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of and I’m not proud of it either. I wanted to talk about it in the beginning of my career but my publicist wouldn’t let me.”


Tatum says he has so much material that could be used as background, he plans to make a film about a male stripper.


He told an Australian paper, “I’ve already got the director picked out. I’d like Nicolas Refn, who did the movie Bronson, to do it because he’s insane for it,” he says.


“It needs to be a crazy film and I think it’s also possible to do a cute, romantic movie.”


So can we expect to see the star baring all in the film?


“Oh yeah. I’m going to be getting back in my thong [G-string] again,” he says.

Can’t wait for that one!