Liza on Ugly Betty? Maybe….

Just when you thought she was about to retire, Liza is back again. Liza Minnelli is joining the cast of “Ugly Betty” this season, allegedly.

The Broadway and Hollywood icon begins work this week and will be appearing in multiple episodes later this season, say inside  sources.


Liza has an intense filming schedule that begins in Brooklyn on January 28th and runs until February 12th, the sources say.


“There were massive rumors last year, then again in early January that Liza was being courted for the show, but Liza originally hadn’t planned to do the show. ‘Ugly Betty’ producers presented her with a great offer and a hilarious story and they kept coming back to her,” said our source. “She’s going to be playing an outrageous drama teacher and it is going to be fun! Liza is excited to be playing another off-the-wall character like Lucille 2 on ‘Arrested Development’.”


Liza was going to have knee replacement surgery at the end of January, but due to the ‘Ugly Betty’ schedule, it looks like she’s put that on hold. “She’s a professional and everyone is excited for her first day!” our insider said.


A spokesman for Liza Minnelli told reporters  that he had no knowledge of Minnelli’s involvement with the hit show and said she was not currently on board.