Roseanne Does Jackie Beat Does Cher and Chaz

I was on Jackie Beats site yesterday getting caught up on my Jackie news, and saw a trailer for the CHER AND  CHAZ  show!

I don’t know how this one slipped by us, but it seems last summer, Jackie paired up with Roseanne to create this funny show!

Join superstar Cher and her little girl — who grew up to be a big man — as they romp their way through a laugh track-enhanced series of wacky situations and kooky misunderstandings! Not since “The Odd Couple” or “The Patty Duke Show” have two seemingly polar opposites made audiences shake their heads in confusion and disbelief!

Jackie Beat as Chaz is unrecognizable and spot on . Nadja Ginsburg absolutely nailed Cher.


CHER ON CHAZ on YouTube – 2 episodes so far, plus a  Q & A  segment!