CHER Returns To The Big Screen in BURLESQUE November 2010

She has to be the hardest
working senior citizen
in entertainment!

In between her sold-out shows in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, CHER has been running back and fourth to Los Angeles to film her parts in BURLESQUE.  Scheduled for a November release, Burlesque is sure to set the big screen on fire, I love the look and feel of the movie already!

It reminds me very much of a “Moulin Rouge” type of film. The movie stars Cher, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane, Alan Cumming, Christina Aguilera, Julianna Hough, and Stanley Tucci.

A small-town girl (Aguilera) ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer(Cher).

Cher has admitted that she feels “rough” on the set of Burlesque because her co-stars are much younger than her.


The actress told Entertainment Tonight that she puts a lot of effort into her appearance to keep up with her fellow cast members.


“It is a hard job,” she said. “You get up at 5am and you try to look good. All these girls are, like, a third my age. That is rough.”


If you believe everything you read, the actress singer  superstar CHER spent $2,500  a week on beauty treatments on the set of her new movie – according to U.S. tabloid reports.

REPORTS  CLAIM  Cher hired a team she dubbed her ‘wellness crew’ to ensure she looked her best in front of the camera.

The treatments reportedly included LED light therapy which “uses a pulse light to treat dark pigmentation and improve the appearance of small blood vessels in the skin.”

A source  said, ALLEGEDLY,  “Cher also had a spiritual adviser, homeopath and naturopath on standby to keep her mentally and physically centred. ”

Her ‘wellness crew’  set her back  $20,000  over the course of the movie shoot.