Get Your Gaybies – We Are Goodkin – A New Site, for the New Modern Family!



a premium, lifestyle-focused website targeting the growing population of today’s modern family, launched today at We Are Goodkin.

Co-founded by Los Angeles-based screenwriter Jennifer Gruskoff and creative director Laura Crawford, goodkin is where the modern family finds a home whether they are gay, single, adoptive, multi-racial or are trendsetters in culture and style. goodkin provides innovative style, creative resources, entertaining ideas, and a community that incorporates giving as a core value.

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Gruskoff commented, “We celebrate the differences and strengths of these families while honoring their similarity to all families. Our mission is to recognize the emerging and growing population of non-traditional families, however they choose to define themselves.”

goodkin pages include Style, Family, Fun, and Give, offering unique articles and video blogs.  The following is an overview of content for the site’s launch:


*Patricia Resnick, award winning screenwriter of “9 to 5,” the film and musical, is profiled and talks about her life as a lesbian mom   of two teenagers.

*Mark Mothersbaugh, co-founder of the new wave band Devo, and his wife, Anita, discuss how adopting their two daughters from China has changed their lifestyle.

*Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson discuss keeping your child motivated to be “eco” and give tips to “eco-ize” your home.

*The Starks, a Buddhist vegetarian family, share their parenting tips for how to try and raise two “conscious” girls in trendy Los Angeles.

*Topical coverage of current events, from news on GLBT, adoptive, and multi-racial issues, to lighter subjects such as family movie reviews.