Assisted Suicide…Is It Murder? Ray Gosling Charged with Mercy Killing

I am from the Detroit area, so I am very familiar with Dr. Jack Kevorkian and issues of assisted suicide and the right to die.

The topic hasn’t been in the news much as of lately. Until this month. RAY GOSLING is an English journalist, author, broadcaster and gay rights activist.  This month on a local BBC television programme, he admitted  to have euthanised a dying lover. He was subsequently arrested. He is out on bond today.

THE GUARDIAN  reports that  Gosling, now 70, had claimed to have kept the killing secret, but close friends have revealed that he told a small number of confidants about what happened a few years later. They did not tell police because they considered the actions he described to be assisted suicide.

They said he told them the killing took place about 20 years ago and that, although Gosling has so far described the unnamed victim as “a bit on the side”, he knew him before he contracted Aids and during his illness. One friend also revealed that Gosling’s pact with the man was two-way so that “if either of them were in a bad situation the other would do it”.

Police are facing a difficult investigation because Gosling has said he will not volunteer details of the victim or when and where the killing took place, “even under torture”.

Gosling was released   on police bail today after being questioned for a day and a half on suspicion of murder, his lawyer said.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the case by searching properties, interviewing Gosling’s friends and sifting through documentary evidence.  Gosling gave the police substantial amounts of information that could lead to several months of further investigation.

The absence of a charge indicates he has stood firm by his resolution to withhold from the police the name of the victim, where he killed him and when.

More  details  at The Guardian.

I see nothing wrong with assisted suicide. Everyone should have the right, to make their own decision, what they can do with their own bodies. Be it in birth –  or death.  Whether you agree or disagree with someone’s choices, we should have the right to choose.

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