Do Lipstick Lesbians Vajazzle Their Precious Lady Peekachoos

Are woman really doing this?

I have seen some gay men adorn their bodies with Swarovski Crystals for years, but  below the beltline?

Thanks to Jennifer Love Heweitt and her new book, plus her appearance on the George Lopez show, she has brought Vajazzling to the public masses.

The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer
Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic

She loves to vajazzle so much, that she wrote an entire chapter on it! Vajazzling is a form of Brazilian bikini wax where stick-on Swarovski crystals are applied to the skin after hair removal.

Jennifer described the appearance of the bikini trend by stating that “it shined like a disco-ball” and went on to recommend that all girls should try vajazzling their “precious lady”. The strange beauty fad also made an appearance on the TV show, The Doctors, where Dr. Lisa Masterson described vajazzling as a fun and safe alternative to piercing.


You can purchase a stick-on crystal body “tattoo” in your favorite design and color. Crystal tattoos come in designs such as hearts, stars and butterflies.

You can usually  find these in the makeup section of most stores, but to get real Swarovski crystal tattoos, you’ll need to order online. Swarovski retired their line of body crystals recently, so they are very hard to find. Try EBAY!

A spa in New York city actually  started this fad.  And now many spa’s  are offering to do the application for you after a fresh waxing.

What will they think of next?

Any lesbians tried this yet??
Your vagina could shine like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!

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