Butt Drugs in Indiana Gets Worldwide Exposure – Thanks to Rhett and Link

I found these 2 guys on YouTube.
Rhett and Link!

Rhett&Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They are best known for their internet videos and are self-proclaimed “Internetainers”. In addition to their web presence, Rhett&Link are also musicians and filmmakers, and have worked in network television as hosts. They own and operate a video production company, Rhett & Link, Inc.

Rhett&Link have developed an international following through their collection of over 200 web videos. Their music videos, non-scripted reality videos, and sketches have been seen over 40 million times, and have been featured on CNN, BBC, Fox News, WGN, TV Guide, G4’s Attack of the Show, Channel 101’s the Fizz, and the homepages of Youtube, Revver, Veoh, iFilm, MSNvideo, the DailyReel, Crackle and other video sites.

Rhett&Link have also created original video series for NBC Universal and TV Guide Broadband. They write, shoot, edit and produce almost all of their videos. And their videos have been viewed over 40 million times!

They have created videos for Taco Bell,  Hummer, Cadillac…and my  favorite  is one of their recent creations BUTT  Drugs, which is weeping YouTube this week!  It’s a real business located  in  Inidana, since 1952!

Watch the BUTT DRUGS Video.

The Making of BUTT DRUGS

These guys are getting hot!  Watch for more of them!