Skater Johnny Weir Too Gay For America?


Can an ice skater be too gay? I guess so. Just ask Johnny Weir. American figure skater, a three-time U.S. National Champion (2004–2006), the 2008 Worlds bronze medalist, a two-time Grand Prix Final medalist, and the 2001 World Junior Champion. As of February 2010 he is ranked fourth in the world. But he is  TOO GAY for  STARS  ON ICE!.

He tells  ACCESS  HOLLYWOOD, “It’s for real. All because I am not family friendly enough. I understand I am a little outrageous but I wish I could perform for the fans…Maybe right now, just artistically and creatively, I’d love to have my own show, with musical acts, like maybe getting Lady Gaga! I don’t like to think there are any boundaries. Anytime you get men in glitter it’s flamboyant!”

Hopefully he will do DANCING WITH THE STARS.

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