Best Gay News Catches up With Hottie Artist David Bromstad of Color Splash

This past weekend,  David Bromstad, host of HGTV’s Color Splash, was in Chicago.  More than 500 people entered a  contest to get one of 120 seats available at the Chicago event! David talked about paint and took questions from audience. He is even more charming in person than you can imagine and has this infectious happy energy!

Handsome hottie Bromstad, winner of HGTV’s first “Design Star” reality show four years ago, announced he  has brought the show  to Miami for the new season, which is filming now and will air in July.   The new season will have bigger budgets and draw off  many of Miami’s local artisans and design resources. And he said we’ll be seeing more of him  him sculpting and designing pieces.  He is very happy and very excited to be filming in his city where he lives with his partner of 6 years and their French Bulldog!

“I think Miami is a city that  is absolutely inspiring; from the old and new architecture, to the mass amount of artisans and craftsmen, and of course the undeniable weather and overwhelming sexiness.  Miami is unique with its international influences, especially from South America.  This makes it the only city of its kind in America.  I call it the American Riviera.”

“Design in South Florida will absolutely be different than what viewers say in San Francisco.  Because Miami has a very specific look of being clean, sleek and sexy my homeowners will definitely want that brought into their homes.  Homeowners in San Francisco have a different aesthetic, more of a comfortable, contemporary and traditional feel.  The designs in Miami will push the boundaries of design, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to do so!


David is really an artist and not really an interior designer. He has an exuberance, passion and decorating savvy when transforming tired rooms into vibrant spaces! “Color is the root of great design,”  says David. “I like to blend styles that incorporate realism and fantasy. Walt Disney really inspired and motivated me. And I love Philippe Starck – he has such an innovative way of creating.”

David  recently partnered with Mythic Paints. “This paint is amazing!  Amazing coverage, low oder, very natural and non-toxic. My color line encompasses both timeless and innovative colors. Many people suffer from what I call  COLORPHOBIA and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. With my line, you can mix and match across the palette and discover combinations that speak to YOU. Cure your colorphobia and embrace your color-fabulous you! Don’t be afraid of color!”

So what is David’s home like?

“My place is a little quirky. It’s very happy. Lot’s a greys and whites with an eclectic mix. I like big, bold pieces. I love color, but I prefer white or grey walls and pops of color in the furniture, artwork, and accessories.  Right now my home has white and gray walls with pops of acid yellow, lime green and red. But I keep changing it up and it’s  always  evolving. It’s like that old saying, the cobbler is so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make some for his own children! My place is never finished!”

“I think it’s important to create an environment not just a room. I like to use murals and custom-built furniture to create a 3-d world that will transport you into another reality.”

David is so nice and so personable and so down to earth,  you can’t help but love him! “To me I’m just a regular guy who has a really cool job.  I never intended on being in the public eye, therefore I never craved the attention.  Now that I’m getting it, I can’t complain.  I think I am the luckiest guy in the world to be blessed with what God has given me.  I owe my parents and family everything.  They taught me honest values that transcend fame.

I really like to help out any charities that help out the gay community and HIV/AIDS.  Going to the GLAAD awards in San Francisco and presenting was one of the best memories ever.”

Before he jetted off back to Miami to resume filming he said, “I am so excited for Color Splash in Miami. It is going to be a very different show; a whole new cast.  New city.  New and exciting experiences.  I really want to feature local artisans and craftsmen here in the Miami area.  The talent here is so beyond anywhere else I have ever been, and I want to show America how fabulous Miami is.  I am also going to show everyone that I’m not just a designer and painter, but I also build sculptures and create art and architectural installations myself.  It should be a fabulous adventure!”

David also said more of his art will become available for purchase this on his site!


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