Albania Has No Gay People! Just Ask Klodian Cela of Big Brother


According to the Tirana, Albania, newspaper Shekulli, 400 people, mainly young men, took to the streets in the northern town of Lezhë on March 11, protesting

Lezhë is clean – we have no homosexuals.”


This was the second demonstration in the town against “the Klodi case,” after an emotional declaration on television by Klodian Çela, from Lezhë, a cast member in the “Big Brother” house on the Top Channel reality TV program, that he is gay and calling for understanding from everybody, especially his mother.

The protesters in Lezhë demonstrated in the town’s main square, shouting “Klodi out, out,” and insisted that if he is not removed from the “Big Brother” house, they will step up their protests and continue them in Tirana.

Six skin heads supporters were arrested in Pazardzhik as they tried to assault a gay rights rally of only 6  LGBT activitists who arrived from Sofia; pictured: the anti-rally attracted 100 locals.



Six activists of the youth organization “Lesbians, Gay, Bi- and Transgender in Action” arrived to the city of Pazardzhik from Sofia in order to protest an order to local City Council banning the display of homosexuality in public.


The activities arranged large banners on which they started writing articles from the Bulgarian Constitution and the UN Human Rights Charter. No local gay rights activists joined them, Darik Radio reported.


However, about 100 local young men most of them with shaved heads and in black clothes staged an anti-rally claiming they had gathered to express their support for the order issued by the City Council.


As several of skin heads members attacked the gay rights activists they were immediately knocked down to the ground and arrested by the policemen guarding the rally, who were led personally by the head of the Pazardzhik Police Directorate, Commissar Stoyan Stoyanov.


No-one was hurt during the skirmish. However, the anti-rally protestors shouted offensive slogans directed against the gay rights activists such as “No one wants you, losers”, “Out of Pazardzhik”, “Go to Uganda, freaks”.


The gay rights organization has attacked the order of the Pazardzhik Municipality before Bulgaria’s Commission for Protection from Discrimination, which is to come up with a ruling on Wednesday.

What is going on with all these  haters??

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