LGPA GOAL to Host Annual LGBT International Conference in Chicago June 22-27

LGPA/GOAL Chicago,

Chicago Police and Chicago’s suburban departments are proud to host the 14th Annual INTERNATIONAL  LGBT Conference for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Professionals in the  culturally diverse, visually spectactular and chic…City of Chicago,
Tuesday, June 22nd through
Sunday, June 27th. 2010.

The conference has been entitled A Bridge to Unity.  The conference will be hosted at Chicago’s legendary Palmer House hotel, located in bustling downtown Chicago, steps from Chicago’s central business district, shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and tourist attractions in every direction.


This six day conference will provide an AMAZING array of unique and diverse hands-on training that focuses on relevant criminal justice professionalism, industry trends and technology while impressing its’ attendees with the principles of justice, equity and equality within the area of law enforcement and the community it serves.


Whether you are interested in law enforcement professionalism, correctional system, youth advocacy, diversity issues, private security or military, we feel confident that no matter what area of public safety your title falls under, this conference will arm you with effective, innovative knowledge.

Although, providing newly enhanced law enforcement training is the primary goal of this conference, it is also designed to encourage motivation to achieve a higher degree of efficiency in the discharge of their duties while promoting and striving for a high level of diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity of all people as law enforcement and criminal justice professionals within their work environment, as well as, with in the GLBT community, thus becoming a part of A Bridge to Unity.

A week long of workshops, seminars and events!

  • Night Cruise on Lake Michigan
  • Attendance at the Mayor’s Pre-Pride party
  • Pride Brunch
  • Ride on the Pride Parade Float & attend the post parade party
  • Exclusive Souvenir bag
  • Nightly live entertainment & events
  • Opening and closing events
  • And much more…


    Attendee Early Registration
    Discount  Extended till April 1st,
    ONLY $175.00 for this 6 day event!
    ($200  after April 1st). It’s an amazing deal for 6 days!

    You can also  join them on their online social network to socialize in privacy with your fellow attendees and faculty of the conference beforehand.
    Attendees will be coming in from all over the world!

    *For those coming from other countries, we know from past years that wait times for an appointment can be lengthy. We are urging you to make your appointment as early as possible to begin the process of obtaining a US entry visa.

  • You can download Business Visitor Visa information on the Goal Chicago site.