Jeff Koons Shoots GAY BUNNY RABBITS for New York Times Article

First Gay Penguins…
    Now Gay Bunny Rabbits!

In recent years, more biologists have been looking objectively at same-sex sexuality in animals — approaching it as real science.

“Various forms of same-sex sexual activity have been recorded in more than 450 different species of animals by now, from flamingos to bison to beetles to guppies to warthogs…”

Does this help the gay movement? 
Some say yes, some say no.

Read the full article  at  New York  Times.

Sidenote – JEEF  KOONS  shot the image for  New York Times and is getting a little  flack. Is it really necessary to hire a top artist/photographer for a silly  photo when  many services like  istock photo and Super Stock offer  stock images for a FRACTION of the price? Then,  publishers claim they are going bankrupt because of the Internet and Digital Media!

That’s a bunch of  BS!