Gay News from Australia! AFL Supports LGBT Rights and Diversity

In America, MOST sports teams come off as very homophobic. It’s all very macho!  Overseas, you see  teams a little more relaxed. Attitudes around masculinity and sex are more relaxed in general. You have the French Rugby team posing for the gay market with Dieux du Stade: Gods of the Stadium    And even with the AFL, while they act very macho with their “blokiness”, they have fun with each other, often hugging, butt slapping and pulling shorts down!

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reported  that  Now, dozens of top players and coaches have launched a
campaign to promote tolerance of homosexuality.

The ”inclusion and diversity” campaign boasts some of the biggest names
in football, including Neil Balme, Joel Selwood and Brownlow medallists Jimmy Bartel and Adam Goodes.

Almost 30 players and coaches have signed up to the
Players’ Association project, to be launched officially next month.

The sportsmen and coaches have been photographed holding
handwritten signs calling for acceptance and understanding of homosexuals.

Adelaide player Brett Burton is pictured with a placard that says: ”We all have our little differences – celebrate them!” Geelong football manager Neil Balme’s reads: ”Homophobic His-story!” Bulldogs ruckman Will Minson wrote in ”Nil bastardum carborundum”, which is mock-Latin for ”don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

Because of its profile, football has often seen itself in the vanguard
of social change, spearheading anti-racism campaigns and promoting respect towards women.

But the game may have trouble convincing people to believe its
new-found acceptance of homosexuals, given that not one player in the league is openly gay.

Channel Nine personality and Collingwood president Eddie McGuire recently
told gay magazine DNA that he had shared a ”wink and a nod” with gay AFL players.

Andrew Demetriou told The Sunday Age: ”Homophobia has no place in our game. The AFL altered our rules last year, to ensure that we stand against any discrimination on the basis of sexual identity or orientation.

”I congratulate the players who are leading the way in ensuring
 we continue to welcome each and every person to our game.”


Though not scheduled to be launched until closer to the International Day Against Homophobia ,
held annually on May 17, the project is already considered a
success because so many players and coaches are involved.

An attempt at a similar campaign by English soccer authorities
failed earlier this year because players would not take part.

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