Catholics in Germany Up In Arms Over Titanic Magazine Cover

CARNAL NATION  reports that The German satirical magazine Titanic is being crucified, in a manner of speaking, for its April cover.

The cover story “Kirche Heute” (“The Church Today”) is illustrated with a priest kneeling before a rather large crucifix. In the midst of the worldwide Catholic church sex abuse scandal, it seems that many who have viewed the new magazine cover see more than just prayer in the image, and they think that sucks.

More than one hundred complaints have been lodged with the German Press Council, and two additional complaints against the magazine have been lodged with the Frankfort Public Ministry claiming incitement to hatred, a serious charge in Germany.
Leo Fischer, the editor-in-chief of Titanic, coyly claims not to understand the controversy (sound familiar?), stating, “That cover? You only see a priest praying in front of Christ. I am pleased to say that we have many Christians among our readers.” Of course, the magazine’s subtitle “The authorized newspaper for blasphemers” (“Pflichtblatt für Gotteslästerer”) might suggest otherwise, but then again, as we have seen throughout history, being a Christian and a blasphemer are not mutually exclusive.