We Heart Gay Fashion Designer Chris March – Fabulous, Over The Top, and Larger Than Life

Chris March
is “Project Runway’s”
 fashionably outrageous costume
designer from Season 4 of the show.
(He was robbed! He should have won!). 

We have been following him on his Project Runway blog   with commentary that has been  over-the-top and equally hilarious.

He also started his own blog last month, Chris March Explains It All  For You . “Somebody already took the title I wanted for my Blog… “Eat a Kitten”….who would take such a name? Here is why I wanted it: My friend Gordon and I used to joke about which one of us was more bitter about life.

One day in our garage, he said, “If I want something warm and fuzzy, I’ll eat a kitten.” This line has been re-quoted between the two of us for years. My personal favorite is, “You haven’t tasted bitter until you’ve bitten into me.” So, the gist of this blog will be bitter, sarcastic, funny, and maybe a little warm and fuzzy.”

March is originally from San Francisco, California, where he worked as a costume designer for the long-running musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon. His client list includes Madonna, Cirque du Soleil, Prince, Beyoncé Knowles, Thierry Mugler and Meryl Streep. He designed Streep’s dress for the 2010 Academy Awards. He now resides in New York City and in January released a softcover coffee-table book which showcases his  many, many fabulous creations over the years.

I HEART CHRIS MARCH  is photographic proof of the insane career and creativity of Chris March. Giant wigs, skyscraping headpieces, outlandish costumes, and crazy couture come to life in this full color celebration of Chris’ creations of the last 25 years. From childhood Halloween photos to Bryant Park, this book is chock full of never before seen images. Buy one for your friends and one for yourself–you can finally have Chris March on your coffee table.

“it’s a picture book photographic memoir of 25 years of designing costumes. I have collected so many  pictures over the years. I have every costume photographed because most of the costumes are just TOO BIG to keep, so I end up throwing them away and keeping all the photos!”

Last week Chris announced his new greeting card line!  “I am so excited to be made into a line of greeting cards! What crazy people would do such a thing? The nice folks at NobleWorks approached me about the whole idea–and voila, you can see (and buy!) them for yourself at Noble Works Cards .

They took some of the images from my book (which by the way, you can also purchase on my website
) photoshopped them, cropped them, gave them funny headlines, and now you can insult your friends with a Chris March original! They will soon be for sale across the country, damaging the minds of people everywhere!!

I will be making an appearance at the National Stationery Show here in NYC in May (the 16th and 17th at the Javits Center from 1 to 4pm) to launch the new line, and meet people to sign cards and my book.

Who would have thought that breaking my neck in those headpieces would pay off one day?!!”

Keep up with Chris on his BLOG Chris March Explains It All   or  at his  design  website .

And BUY THE BOOK   Damn it!