Bea Arthur Rolls Over in Her Grave and Helps PETA

When I see meat in the counters at the supermarket, I don’t give much thought to how it got there. I don’t think most people do.  I bet if videos were shown above the meat cases, more of us would be vegetarian!

Honorary PETA director Bea Arthur had no intention of letting a little thing like, say, death stop her from speaking out against cruelty to animals. The Golden Girl is taking on the Golden Arches’ chicken abuse in a full-page PETA ad in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune—(McDonalds is headquarted in the Chicago area) paid for by Bea herself through a gift in her will.

PETA members dressed in black will also held a spirited protest outside a downtown Chicago McDonald’s to mark the ad’s debut and the one-year anniversary of beautiful Bea’s passing.

McDonalds  BRUTALLY kills  chickens. Even their own internal animal welfare advisors have asked them to stop this practice. But CEO JIM SKINNER  refuses.

Will Bea’s plea from beyond the grave inspire McDonald’s to lessen the hellish suffering of the chickens who are killed for its restaurants? Please join Bea and PETA by taking action and urging McDonald’s to demand that its suppliers switch to a less cruel slaughter method called controlled-atmosphere killing. If Bea’s eternal activism has inspired you, please also consider joining PETA’s Augustus Club (which Bea helped launch) to ensure that your efforts to help animals live on long after you’ve gone!