Gay Life Brings You Celebrity Interviews and Broadway Hotties


One of our sister sites is  BEST GAY NEW YORK  and
one our media partner there is  GAY LIFE . is an AIDS Health Resources website with Entertainment News and On The Town updates.
For New Yorkers, it’s an amazing resource. But they get world-wide traffic because of all the great celebrity interviews they do. Owner  Michael Cavnaugh does most of the interviews and sometimes Jesse Archer steps into help.

This week,  there are some really hot and funny interviews. 

Currently in Mama Mia, Adam Hart is one of the featured Dancers in Broadway Bares XX this year. Check out this amazing interview with Adam  One of the hottest men on Broadway!

Also,  Super Hot ex baseball pitcher, Mathew Pender and Village People star  RANDY  JONES (who both happen to be current stars of the Off-Broadway Play, WHEN JOEY MARRIED BOBBY)   are interviewed at the Marriage Equality Gala .

Mike Also Chats with the always entertaining and witty Leslie Jordan in a very funny interview where he talks about his current show, MY TRIP DOWN THE PINK CARPET, and an exclusive about a new Broadway Musical, KAREN , staring him and Megan Mullally based on their characters on WILL AND GRACE.  Also Mike chats with Tony Award Winner  and star of Law and Order SVU, B.D. Wong, who was honored at the Marriage Equality New York 12th Annual Gala. 

GAY LIFE    Check it out!