Two Highly Anticipated Gay LGBT Films Coming from Dallas Fort Worth Texas

By now we all know about the controversy  surrounding the movie Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, the camp revenge “transploitation” film written and directed by Texan Israel Luna that was accepted into this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The problems for the movie began with a trailer for the movie that seemed, to some. to be gratuitously violent. And the uproar continued from there until GLAAD, bloggers, and more than a few well-respected transgender people were blanketing the movie with thundering condemnation.

The criticism got so bad that, after speaking with Dustin Lance Black, Luna issued a video explaining that he was going to blur the word “tranny” from some marketing materials in effort reach out to the people who were offended.

On our recent trip to Dallas ,  EVERYONE  was buzzing about the movie! It has done very well in New York at the Tribecca Film Fest and recently got raves and won  BEST OVERALL FILM in their hometown of Fort Worth during the Q Cinema Fort Worth , held earlier this month. Showbiz luminaries such as Robert DeNiro, John Waters and RuPaul along with The New York Times, The Advocate, Variety and The Village Voice have championed the film despite protests and angry condemnation from members of the transsexual community, GLAAD and gay-friendly religious leaders.

It will be at the Philadelphia  Q  FEST   July  10 and 11th. And in San Francisco also in July!

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ANOTHER  LGBT film  from Texas, in the news, is  Raid of The Rainbow Lounge, The Documentary

You may remember, one year ago,  several Fort Worth police officers and two agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission  raided the just-opened  Rainbow Lounge  and arrested five patrons on suspicion of public intoxication!  Some patrons were even hospitalized! And this all happened on the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall! 

It was a big hot mess and all over the news!  Texas film maker Robert L. Camina  almost immediately began principal photography to document what went on.
This full length film documents the events following the raid from all sides and its impact on the victims, the Fort Worth community and the world.

The documentary is currently still in production and seeking funds, to finish the project. Robert has already won several awards and this film project is creating great buzz!

The  Fort Worth  gay bar will mark the one-year anniversary of a controversial police raid with a party  on June 28th! — and police Chief Jeffrey Halstead plans to attend.


Randy Norman, general manager of The Rainbow Lounge, said Halstead and a number of his officers have accepted the invitation to attend the barbecue on June 28.

“Our relationship with Chief Halstead and the Fort Worth police is fantastic now,” Norman said Friday. “It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s turned out to be really good,” Norman said of the past year.

Two state agents were fired and several police officers were disciplined after internal investigations faulted the way the raid was conducted. Halstead apologized for the raid and appointed an openly lesbian officer to serve as liaison to the gay community.

In the next few weeks, the owner of the Rainbow Lounge plans to open a restaurant next door and a piano bar across the street, Norman said.

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