Fagbug Best Gay Car Movie of the Year – Gay Beer Coming Next

This weekend  the famous 
FAGBUG came to Chicago! 

On the 11th Annual National Day of Silence, Erin Davies was victim to a hate crime in Albany, New York. Because of sporting a rainbow sticker on her VW Beetle, Erin’s car was vandalized, left with the words “fag” and “u r gay” placed on the driver’s side window and hood of her car.

Despite initial shock and embarrassment, Erin decided to embrace what happened by leaving the graffiti on her car. She took her car, now known worldwide as the “fagbug,” on a 58-day trip around the United States and Canada. Along the way, Erin discovered other, more serious hate crimes, had people attempt to remove the graffiti, and experimented with having a male drive her car. After driving the fagbug for one year, Erin decided to give her car a makeover.

She talked to her attackers. She talked to victims of hate crimes. She talked to guys who changed her oil. She talked to student groups. And she filmed all of it for a documentary, aptly titled Fagbug , which is now screening in festivals all around the country. (She’s also written a book about her experiences.)

Check this out –  Fagbug Museum & Brewery Donations

In the works… Erin closes on Home Headquarters $1 property in Syracuse, NY July 2, 2010. 412 Oswego will house the Fagbug Museum & Brewery. Fagbrew will be America’s first ever gay beer line! Like her car stands out on the highway, Fagbrew will stand out with names like homosexuALE, Queen B, 2 Beer Queer, Cub & Bear, Gaylicious, Flamer and Heffer.
“Fagbrew” (currently in production) follows the inception of the museum/beer line to the grand opening/distribution. Fundraising to renovate this historic 1900 Victorian building is 100k. Timeline for renovations is 18 months. Donations will go toward construction and filming costs.

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FABGBUG , where you can order bumper stickers and other cool things!

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