Gay Comedian Trevor Boris at Montreals JUST FOR LAUGHS This Week

Trevor Boris
has come a long way from the
farm he grew up on near Winnipeg, MB.

The openly gay Canadian comedian and writer is one of the stars and producers of MuchMusic’s hit show Video on Trial , has starred in numerous standup specials including One Night Standup on LOGO, and Comedy NOW on CTV, and is about to release his first major label standup DVD for Warner Music entitled ‘Trevor Boris: Over Easy’. (Available on iTunes).

Trevor’s is a fast-paced, hip and edgy style of comedy, which has quickly made him a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.

Boris is all about sexual ambiguity. The gay comic has been doing stand-up for 11 years, but for the first four of those, he was still in the closet. Now, the Toronto-based performer  is popular among schoolgirls attracted to his catty humour and harmless sexuality.

“I feel like the fourth Jonas brother,” says the fresh-faced Boris. “It’s funny, because I was never cool at that age. Now I have the girls, and I don’t even really want them.”

He means not wanting them in a romantic way. He adores their fandom. “It’s hilarious,” he says. “They’ll stop you in the street and they’ll scream.” Of course, he sees the marketing angle as well. “It’s not the 50-year-old men who have the power.” he explains. “It’s the young girls who make the calls.”

Boris sees himself not as a gay comedian but as a comedian who happens to be gay, though the claim is dubious. On his new  DVD, he asks a heterosexual fellow in the front row if he’s ever been so close to a gay man’s penis.

Boris is a very busy guy these days. He’s a full-time producer and personality on MuchMusic; he writes for the Juno Awards; and he’s got his stand-up career. Unsure of his next move – perhaps a talk show – he’s never been one for plotting. Pressed, he answers this way: “I want to be the Ryan Seacrest of Canada,” he says of the versatile American Idol host. “I’d like to think that I’m prettier than him though.” 

He will be performing July 14, 15 and 16  at Montreals  JUST FOR LAUGHS  Festival. 

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