Coming Out Of The Closet – Reality Show

Howard Bragman,
the veteran Hollywood publicist and founder of agency Fifteen minutes, had sold a one-time reality TV special to A&E, he confirmed to PRNewser today.

Bragman, who has helped a number of clients “come out” including Chaz Bono and Meredith Baxter, will focus the show on just that. Naturally, the title of the show as of press time is Coming Out, and will feature well known figures coming out of the closet.

“I’m the guy people come to when they want to come out, it’s something I’ve done for twenty years,” Bragman told PRNewser today .

So how did the idea come about?
Bragman said that he was approached by some producers who told him the topic could make for an interesting show. He teamed up with producers JUMA Entertainment and A&E bought the show as a one time special, which is scheduled to air sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010.

“We’re in casting right now,” said Bragman, “looking for the best stories.” When asked if he would feature his clients on the show, Bragman left that open as a possibility, but also said that it is not a requirement for appearing on the show.  I’ve been approached multiple times to do reality shows,” he said. “And what I don’t want to be is that screaming publicist who is yelling because he doesn’t like Paris Hilton’s table maid at an event…you know how they like to portray publicists in Hollywood. This is the first chance I had to do something that I found empowering and that could change the world a little.“