Dallas Texas Conservatives Push 4 Year Old Out Of School


Another slap to the LGBT community coming from Dallas Conservatives. (Surprise).  A Dallas-area school won’t take daughter of lesbian couple.  

 Less than one week before young Olivia’s first day – and days after her teacher called to welcome her – the Harrisons learned that their lifestyle as a married lesbian couple made them a bad fit for St. Vincent’s. Olivia was no longer welcome.

“I politely told them that we are in the 21st century. We’ve come a long way in 20 years, and I can’t believe that they would deny a child access to a good school because of my relationship,” Jill Harrison said.

“A big part of that reason is that we would be teaching values and morals contrary to what the child would be learning at home, and this would both undercut her mother’s authority and create confusion for the child,” the schools dean  said.

After Olivia was dismissed from St. Vincent’s, Jill Harrison snagged the last opening at a nearby fine arts preschool. This time she made a point to ask whether her relationship would play a role in her daughter’s ability to get an education.

“I flat out asked them, and they said they absolutely don’t care about parents’ sexual orientation or what religious values are taught at home,” she said.

Harrison said she and her wife knew their children would feel the wrath of other people’s perceptions of their relationship at some point.

“I always thought it would be by the other children’s parents not wanting Olivia to hang out with them outside of school or having some prejudice toward them, but never from the school itself,” she said.