Gay Frontman Fred Schneider Serves Up John Waters Style Holiday Songs with the Superions

FRED SCHNEIDER (gay frontman of B-52’s fame) has a new spunky musical venture, The Superions. According to their MySpace  profile, The Superions are the “most exciting group to hit the music scene since Elvis or Lady Gaga.” While that’s a little farfetched, they are exciting, or at least off-the-wall, much like their famous New Wave forebearers.  – Fred continues to tour with the B-52’s and this is a fun little side project.

The Superions may just save the holidays from the usual stale chestnuts and dull oldie retreads. Following on the heels of their multi-plat… er, real popular hit song “Who Threw That Ham At Me ,” the 11 future holiday standards on Destination… Christmas! perfectly capture the many moods of the season: despair, avalanches, deranged abominable snowmen, leaden fruitcakes, and of course, laughter. Crazy and fun, High-energy dance songs mixed with numbers to chill to, The Superions do it all on Destination… Christmas!

Formed in Orlando as a lark four years ago, The Superions are Fred Schneider (lyrics and vocals), Noah Brodie (keyboards and electronic drums) and Dan Marshall (programming). The most exciting group to hit the music scene since Elvis or Lady Gaga (or Justin Bieber for that matter), what started out as just a fun get-together has turned into a long-time creative endeavor.

Destination… Christmas! defines the modern Christmas classic with a traditional twist. “It’s hard to say who our musical influences for this project were, because we don’t want to get sued,” adds Fred. Frankly, the response The Superions have received from playing this record for friends has been hysterical laughter. It’s a very radio-friendly, party-friendly album; even Noah’s grandmother likes it!

Destination… Christmas! will be released on Fanatic Records on October 25, 2010 and is destined to be a perennial Christmas favorite. The Superions are also working on a full-length, er, “regular” album, a remix of rapper Shunda K‘s upcoming single, and a new song in collaboration with electro superstar, Peaches.

SIDENOTE – On being gay and coming out, Fred says, “It’s still a tough decision, especially for a lot of kids. you see how they’re gay bashed, especially in bumfuck America, and right wing religious nuts are utterly intolerant and hateful. Celebrities, you know who’s gay, and when they come out you say “Um thanks for finally doing it, aren’t you brave.” Most come out after they make their millions. They’re really strong advocates, whatever. We’ve done AIDS chairites for the past twenty years or more. We’ve been working really hard. But… we dont blow a trumpet and “say look what we’ve done.” All along people knew we were gay, but it wasn’t something you just trumpet when you’re on the road. People are still intolerant, even in New York City people are killed. Look at Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, though why would you wanna join the military in the first place?”

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