Erik Eike von Stuckenbrok – Fabulous Gymnast from Berlin at Chamäleon in SOAP SHOW

hot  young men in a tub!

I first came across  Erik (Eike) von Stuckenbrok about a year or so ago. I had read he was performing at Chamaleon in Berlin . The show was SOAP SHOW.
The VIDEO ON YouTube is AMAZING! What this hot young gymnast does with a pole, a bar soap and a bathtub, gives me chills! It is quite stunning!

You can also see the MADE IN BERLIN  clip which played in Berlin this past summer.   And then to DOUBLE YOUR FUN, you have to watch Rèmi Martin  Eike  work out the double pole act in GOP Varieté Hannover – Orangerie – Bilder einer Ausstellung – Pictures at an Exhibition 2009. 

This 6 minute video  would have been so much better if the guys were shirtless! But nonetheless,  very entertaining. He leaps around like Spiderman and I think we will see A LOT of EIKE in the very near future. His career is really just beginning!


His site  Hand Balance  has a little info about him.
(It was not working today…)

But also LIKE him on Facebook  

and  the  You Tube Videos !

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