Andy Warhol and Dom Perignon – The Perfect Holiday Gift

keeps asking what I want for Christmas –
and that I AM SO HARD TO BUY FOR! 

Sound familiar?!

Well look no further –

Limited edition DOM PERIGNON bottles created in tribute to the great American artist, Andy Warhol.
Sure, his iconic works may have been signified by more mundane items like Campbell’s soup cans, but that hasn’t stopped this top-tier bubbly from paying homage to Warhol. Upholding their intense focus to detail, the famous Champagne house commissioned the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design to reinterpret their iconic bottle.

The bottle is almost black in color, and the shield-shaped label comes in distinctly pop art red, blue, or yellow, paying homage to Andy’s flare. The box is a work of art unto itself with shadows and reflection taking on vivid color like a tableau of Marilyn Monroes.
The end result is three unique collector bottles that feature bright label colors loved by Warhol in his work.
Supplies will be limited
and are expected to arrive at wine shops around the us  THIS MONTH! About $199.

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