How would YOU live if you couldn’t love?

How would YOU live
if you couldn’t love?

Rachel Diana is the Producer at WingSpan pictures Production Company. 

 ” I am  an out and proud lesbian. I was so affected by the teen suicides that I had my company do something about it. 

“Imagine a World where “GAY” was considered “STRAIGHT” and “STRAIGHT” was “GAY”…
Thats the premise of the film. Its based on bullying. Please check out this link  for more info.

Just imagine…

… Imagine a world where ‘Straight’ was considered ‘gay’ – and ‘gay’ was ‘straight’

… A world where it was taboo for a woman and a man to fall in love

… A world where ‘same sex marriage’ was the only way in which society would permit you to love.

… A world where who you love defines who you are.

“Love is All You Need?” tells the story of Ashley, a young teen who is raised in the ‘picture perfect all-American family’ — with two moms, two grandpas, two uncles, and a little brother…

But Ashley has a problem — she has a crush on a boy at school…, which is against everything this world has ever taught her. This undeniable attraction to the opposite sex causes her to be the constant target of verbal and physical abuse until she is driven to a tragic end.

This film challenges our current conceptions of these phrases by switching, not only their meanings, but also the culturally instigated conditions that are commonly paired with the phrases; like suicide in response to bullying.

WingSpan Pictures produced this video in hopes gather interest in helping tell this story.
It’s a story that MUST be told, and time is running out to help!

Go to Love is All You Need  to see how you can get involved with this groundbreaking project.

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