Ab Fab come back: Lumley and Saunders are ready to revive their champagne-guzzling TV characters

Crack open the bubbly, darling –
Absolutely Fabulous 
might be  coming back.

Joanna Lumley has revealed she will be reunited with Jennifer Saunders, 52, in a revival of the hit television sitcom.

The actress said she was in talks with Miss Saunders – who created the show – to bring back the champagne-guzzling, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking fashionistas for a comeback.

A revival of the globally successful sitcom would mark a much-anticipated return for Miss Saunders, 52, who has spent the past year undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

A spokesman for Miss Saunders said: ‘Though there have been rumours circulating that the show is coming back, Jennifer will not be releasing any statements about it at this time.’

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