Michael Moore Gets Bullied! Receives Threats!

Michael Moore
is NOT Gay.

And this isn’t even really  “gay news”, but Michael gave me my first writing job in Flint Michigan. And I am gay!  And I am on Michael’s e-mail list and got this outrageously crazy email from him today –  and thought I would share it….

Yesterday, on the TV and radio show “Democracy Now” hosted by Amy Goodman, the former Vice President of CIGNA, one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, revealed that CIGNA met with the other big health insurers to hatch a plan to “push” yours truly “off a cliff.”

The interview contains new revelations about just how frightened the health industry was that “Sicko” might ignite a public wave of support for “socialized medicine.” So the large health insurance companies came together over a common cause: Stop the American people from going to see “Sicko ” — and the way to do that was to cause some form of harm to me (either personally, professionally or…physically?).

These Square State, Right Wingers and Tea Baggers will stop at NOTHING it seems.
Here we go again. BULLYING. What kind of meesage does this send???

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