Yigit Pura….Delicious Top Chef from Just Desserts


For fans of Top Chef, this new show featuring the best pastry chefs from around the country competing against each other is as natural as putting chocolate and creative chefs together.

Team Gay  seems  includes, not one, not two, but three out pastry chefs: Zac Young, Yigit Pura and Tim Nugent.

We are in LOVE with YIGIT!

29-year-old Yigit Pura
(pronounced “Yeet”) is originally from Ankara, Turkey, but now lives in San Francisco. A pastry chef for ten years, Purga was a fan of the original Top Chef, which he calls “therapy for chefs,” but had no plans on being on TC: JD. But when he was visiting a friend in New York City, the show contacted him and Pura began a process he calls a “wild rollercoaster” ride. But he says that “…was a very small preparation for the wild rollercoaster ride that was the show.” 

AFTER  ELTON  reveals   Pura is currently single (and looking!) he did have a boyfriend during the show, a topic that apparently came up during filming, something that made him happy. “I do a lot of queer activism in New York with HRC and American Equality,” says Pura . “I felt it [Just Desserts] was a very natural platform for America to see that gay men can be as natural as anyone else, and they can be talented and ambitious and polite, and one’s sexuality has nothing to do with the person that they are.


Asked about the attitude of savory chefs toward pastry chefs, Pura says his experiences have been good and bad, and ultimately depends on the personality of those involved. But he does allow that “… most savory chefs do tend to think that pastry chefs are these dainty, cute little things that play with flour, you know? And eat chocolate all day. What they don’t understand is that it has a lot more planning and science and knowledge that goes into it. A pastry chef is usually very compulsive and detail-oriented.”

Pura is quite handsome and fit!  Something he says he maintains even though he eats “absurd quantities of sugar” by exercising a lot, including biking 115 miles a week. WOW!

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UPDATE – Nov. 17th, 2010-